Commerce City Police Officer Kevin Lord Secures Bail After Being Arrested For Lying About Being Shot

Commerce City Police Officer Kevin Lord was arrested for falsifying a report in connection with a shooting that occurred in the region. He posted bail and is currently out.

Police Officer Kevin Lord was arrested after accusations were levied against him for allegedly lying about being shot during a traffic stop. Police in Commerce City arrested one of their own for intentionally reporting a false report in connection with a shooting that occurred on Sunday. Law enforcement officials added Lord made a false report in regards to his being shot by a man during what he claimed was a traffic stop in Commerce City, reported CBS Denver.

Attempting to pacify the community, Commerce City Police Chief Troy Smith attended a press conference and said,

“I share with you there is no armed gunman on the loose tonight, and there are no officers in danger.”

Lord was arrested on suspicion of attempting to influence a public official, and a misdemeanor charge of false reporting. Attempting to influence a public official is a felony. Though Lord is currently out on bail, if convicted he could spend more than six years in jail.

There was panic in the community when news spread about a gunman who was out targeting police officers. Apparently, Lord had given a statement that he made contact with a man who was sitting inside a parked SUV. The vehicle was parked on the side of the road near East 96 Avenue on Peoria Street. Nothing appeared suspicious about the vehicle. Even when Lord approached the vehicle, there was no indication of trouble, but the police officer added that without any provocation from him, the man in the SUV opened fire. Apparently, a single bullet fired from the gun and hit officer Kevin Lord in the chest.

Based on officer Lord’s testimony, the police even released a suspect sketch. A reward of $20,000 was offered to anyone with credible information that could lead to the capture of the gunman, who was believed to be targeting police officers.

When Lord returned home from hospital, the community welcomed him with open arms and hailed him as a hero. A few dozen members of the police force, firefighters, and EMT officials applauded his courage and gave him a standing ovation. Eyewitnesses indicate Lord was limping and appeared hurt and weak.

However, investigators believe Lord was never fired upon, but they have refused to indicate if the police officer was actually injured by an intentional or accidental shooting, reported Sport Act. Essentially, information about the investigation including a possible motive, isn’t being released, said Adams County District Attorney, Dave Young.

“We are not, at this time, going to be giving you details on that investigation. As a matter of fact, the case has been sealed.”

However, Young did add that the reports of a gunman loose in the region weren’t true.

“The community can take comfort in that there is no longer a suspected gunman targeting law enforcement officials.”

The Chief of Police did confirm that Lord was placed on administrative leave as of Sunday.

“The Commerce City Police Department holds our officers to the highest standard and expects nothing but unquestionable integrity. It is for that reason that I am disappointed to learn that one of our own officers is accused of violating that trust.”

[Photo by Alex Schmidt / Getty Images]