Trending In Paris: Top 10 Paris Twitter Trends Include Ismaël Omar Mostefai, Abbdulakbak B., And ‘A Candle In Paris’

Using Twitter to uncover trends in Paris shows what’s on the hearts and minds of Parisians one day after horrific terrorist attacks in and around Paris left more than 100 people dead and hundreds injured. According to Twitter, on Saturday, November 14, the top Paris trends included hashtags such as #UneBougiePourParis, which translates to “a candle in Paris,” representing the candles that Parisians are placing in their windows, as reported by NBC New York.


The publication noted a Facebook post calling for people in Paris to place a candle in their windows to show that the City of Light couldn’t be dimmed by terrorism.

“A light, a candle at every window. In this day of mourning, facing horror and grief, let’s show once more that we are here, standing up, together and united. We need to commemorate the memory of the dead, and send our thoughts and full support to the injured ones and their relatives. As night falls, let us light a candle at our windows. We are not afraid, we are together.”

Another popular Twitter hashtag coming out of Paris is #OnEstSolidaire, which seems to translate to English as meaning how can the world be united in solidarity if the members of the globe aren’t all on the same page.

La Marseillaise, the French National Anthem, is trending on social media because it is what French fans sang while leaving the Stade de France during the Paris attack, as seen in the viral YouTube video. With French soccer fans singing the French song, despite their fears about the terrorism, the videos of the events are getting lots of views.

#MessageDePaix stands for “message of peace,” and tweets containing that hashtag included inspiring quotes.


The #PrayForWorld hashtag on Twitter proves that people are not only reacting to the #PrayForParis hashtag; it is a more global hashtag that includes countries and cities around the world that, like Paris, have also suffered terrorist attacks.

The Twitter hashtag #attentatsdu13novembre means “attacks November 13,” and is trending as well. The Bataclan trending search term and hashtag on Twitter represents the concert hall where a major portion of the Paris attacks occurred, as seen in tragic viral videos.

The Democratic debate is also trending in Paris under the #DemDebate hashtag.

Ismaël Omar Mostefaï and Abbdulakbak B are trending as two of the names associated with the Paris attacks, as reported by the International Business Times‎. Officials have named Mostefai and Abbdulakbak B. as being two of the eight people thus far discovered responsible for the attacks and bombings in Paris.

Lastly, the hashtag Pullman is trending on Twitter due to the Pullman Hotel being evacuated in Paris, as reported by the Daily Mail, due to a false alarm at the hotel near the Eiffel Tower.

Meanwhile, cities around the world are showing solidarity with Paris by lighting monuments and buildings in the blue, white, and red colors of France’s flag. As seen in the above photo, the popular Christ the Redeemer statue was illuminated with the colors of the French flag in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

(AP Photo/Leo Correa)