Tom Cruise ‘Freaking Out’ Over Leah Remini Scientology Tell-All: Leah Says Cruise Is ‘Like A Child’ [Video]

Tom Cruise reportedly doesn’t like anything Leah Remini has to say in her new book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, which shows Scientology in a condemning light. According to The Huffington Post, Remini tells a number of unflattering stories about Cruise, and has had to heighten security on her book tour after receiving threats from Scientology members.

As the actress revealed in her book, Leah Remini was introduced to Scientology as a young girl by her mother, and reportedly suffered abuse as a result of her association with the religion, reported Radar Online. Remini also told stories about some of the church’s more distinguished members, including Tom Cruise.

The Huffington Post reported that Remini was disciplined after she told Tom to “get a room” after she spotted Cruise “forcibly kissing Katie.” Leah Remini, a comedian and outspoken woman, told Tom to “get a freaking room,” but then, “was written up for that,” the King Of Queens alum revealed in an interview with 20/20.

Remini also told stories about the Mission Impossible actor’s odd requests, including wanting to play hide and seek with grown adults, including Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. She said he threw a fit “like a child who had never been told no” when he couldn’t find cookie dough.

Not believing her ears, Leah Remini thought Cruise was joking, but Tom “literally wanted to play hide-and-seek with a bunch of grown-ups.” She begged off, citing her five-inch Jimmy Choo heels, The Huffington Post reported.

Representatives for the church have adamantly denied any claims made by Leah Remini, and it’s possible Tom Cruise does not know about the content’s of Leah Remini’s book since members of the church are discouraged from interacting with religious outsiders and reading material that discredits the religion.

According to documentary filmmaker, Alex Gibney, it’s time for Tom Cruise to start speaking out against the Church of Scientology, which Gibney claims violates human rights, reported the New York Daily News. Gibney, who directed the movie Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, claims the church abuses its power and Cruise should address it.

The filmmaker recently spoke at the Reel Works Gala Benefit at Capitale about Leah Remini and her book. He claims, after reading portions of Troublemaker, “[i]t’s time for [Cruise] to address these issues,” and that people let Tom “off the hook” for his odd behavior because he’s an A-list star.

He also believes that it’s “important” that Leah Remini tells her story about what Scientology is like behind closed doors because “she was in the belly of the beast.” Troublemaker doesn’t just tell stories about Tom Cruise, but also discusses abuse, which Remini suffered as a child after her mother introduced her to the church, reports Radar Online.

In his speech, the director said, “Tom Cruise pretends that people are trying to undermine his faith,” but the stronger message is about “these human rights allegations of abuse.”

According to Alex Gibney, Tom Cruise will only go on a show to promote one of his movies as long as his interviewer does not “ask any questions about Going Clear,” which, like Leah Remini, shows Scientology in an unflattering light, reports the New York Daily News.

Despite the negative stories circulating about the Church Of Scientology, Tom Cruise is still a very active member, and outwardly supports the church. On October 23, Cruise was spotted at the organization’s annual International Association of Scientologists gala, which was held at the home of the deceased L. Ron Hubbard in England, Saint Hill Manor, reports Page Six.

The gala celebrated the “sweeping accomplishment and spectacular triumph” of the Church of Scientology’s “impact as a planetary force for the humanitarian uplift and social betterment.” According to Page Six, Tom Cruise attended the black tie event, which included a three-hour speech by leader David Miscavige.

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