Tamar Braxton Will Show What Really Happened On ‘DWTS’ On Reality Show

This last week on Dancing With the Stars, Tamar Braxton missed her first dance, but made it in time for her dance with Nick Carter. Somehow she was able to stick around and they used her dance from dress rehearsal to go ahead and judge her on the show. Tamar spent part of the day at the hospital being treated for what she thought was pneumonia, but it turned out to be so much worse and she actually had to drop out of the show. Now ET Online is sharing that on the upcoming season of her show Tamar & Vince, you will get to see exactly what went down. This will show you what really happens.

In one preview, Tamar Braxton is seen speaking out about what is going on with her.

“I’ve been dreaming of this moment since I was a little girl, but it’s a lot of pressure. My schedule is out of control, as you can see.”

Tamar Braxton was allegedly feeling a lot of pressure being on the show and this will all be revealed on her show. The cameras were filming Tamar behind the scenes and got very intimate with her. This is the kind of thing that Dancing With the Stars just lets you see a little bit of, but it’s not just small clips that you will see on Tamar’s show. Tamar is seen saying that she is a perfectionist and will just take a deep breath and get it done, but you can tell that her husband is concerned for her.

Tamar Braxton actually shared a statement this week saying that she had to pull out of Dancing With the Stars.

“With a heavy heart I regret to inform you that my season of #dwts has to come to an end along with the rest of my tour dates with @musicbykem. After yesterday’s final #dwts performance I went back to the hospital (after the doctors didn’t want me to leave in the first place) only to find out that I don’t have pneumonia but something way more serious and that is having several P.E.’s (blood clots in both sides of my lungs).”

People explained that Tamar is sharing a little more about what happened to her on the show. Tamar shared that it wasn’t the lights that made it where she couldn’t see, but it was more like she wasn’t really there. Her husband could tell that her health wasn’t good and was concerned, but Tamar tried to go on saying that she was fine. Tamar chose to do this show at the exact same time as her fourth album came out, which of course made it really hard on her. Braxton did reveal she was nervous about being on DWTS.

Tamar tried to push through even though she had a cough and was obviously sick. Instead Tamar Braxton ended up on the hospital and had to drop out of the show. Right now Braxton is really worried about her health and knows that this has to be her main focus. Tamar Braxton won’t be dancing, but more than likely she will be filming her reality show Tamar & Vince for fans to see.

You will not want to miss the new season of Tamar & Vince, where you can see exactly what happened to this singer when she pushed herself too far. The new season will start airing on December 10 on WE TV. Tamar will be letting her fans in on a lot of personal things about her life and you are going to get to see what really went down on DWTS.

[Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Neighborhood Awards]