Dead Babies Found In Germany: Remains Of 7 Babies Discovered Inside Apartment

Several dead babies found in Germany are leading police to investigate a 45-year-old woman who previously lived at the location.

Reuters reports that the seven dead babies were found inside a Wallenfel apartment, which is near the Czech Republic border. Police were notified by another woman who found one of the dead infants. When authorities arrived at the scene, they found six more bodies around the apartment.

According to a statement delivered by police, forensic examinations are being conducted on the bodies. All of them were apparently in an advanced state of decomposition. Results of autopsies won’t be available until next week.

It’s unclear at this point who the children were and who the parents are. According to the Telegraph, the Newspaper Bild revealed that the last known tenant of the apartment lived there with her husband for 18 years and that they had three children. She also had four other children from other relationships.

According to the report, the woman tried hiding her frequent pregnancies. An unnamed source said that the woman had four miscarriages. The woman in question after seven dead babies were found in Germany moved out at the end of September following a fight with her husband. She allegedly told him while she was drunk that she’d hidden the bodies of the babies at home.

Other details coming from neighbors suggest that the woman worked at a newspaper kiosk and was a lifeguard at a swimming pool during the summer. She’s described as a “nice person” and said that she always made sure that her children were well-cared for, according to the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

The dead babies found in Germany were recovered on Thursday.

Jens Korn, the town mayor, said, “This incident has occurred in this safe little world and now many people here are touched and sad about it.”

As several reports cite, Germany has seen several infanticide cases in recent years. In May, a German woman was convicted and sentenced to prison for three years and eight months for killing two of her children and hiding their corpses in a freezer.

The bodies of two dead babies from the 1980s were found during construction work in Bavaria in October 2013.

Four dead babies were found in a Berlin apartment in 2009, and police found the completely decomposed remains of nine babies that were hidden flower pots in a German town in 2005. Lastly, in 2008, a 42-year-old woman was convicted of killing eight of her newborn babies.

In a separate Telegraph report that covered the grisly find in 2008, the dead babies found in Germany at the time were discovered by the woman’s other children after digging deep into a unit freezer to get some pizza. The 24-year-old daughter noticed that the unit had outdated food inside and wanted to clean it out. It was then that she stumbled across the first corpse that was wrapped up.

When she confronted her parents, they turned themselves in to police. Authorities later learned about additional dead babies that were left in the freezer. They had to wait for the corpses to thaw in order to conduct a forensic examination.

The small corpses discovered were inside a house near Cologne and wrapped in plastic bags and newspapers, with one dating back to 1988.

The woman underwent medical supervision. She was overweight and able to successfully keep her pregnancies a secret from friends and family.

Dead babies found in Germany have become a disturbingly common occurrence.

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