Biden’s Latest Gaffe Disparages America

President Barack Obama may have thought he was turning around his less than stellar news coverage of late with an executive order to halt the deportation of young illegal immigrants, – but then Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech. Conservatives already in shock that President Obama would dare to violate federal laws and completely ignore Congressional refusal to approve the DREAM Act will thoroughly enjoy mocking Biden’s most recent microphone flub.

Obama is probably shaking his head wondering how bad the backlash will be for Biden’s disparagement of America during a U.S. Conference of Mayors event earlier today. While addressing the crowd Biden stated he wished he could blindfold Americans, take them to various cities around the world, remove the blindfolds and ask the folks what country they were in, according to the speech video and excerpts republished on The Blaze. The confused crowd of local civic leaders likely would have just let the odd comments pass if Biden did not conclude his speech by emphatically noting the “great” cities are all in China. The Vice President mused that Americans would likely think all the great cities are in the United States, but they would be wrong.

The November election is looming heavily over Obama’s head as the far-left president struggles to regain the polling advantage. Campaign advisers should have informed Biden that the apologize for America phase of Obama’s term was on hiatus before he left for the conference. Actually, a wise Obama campaign adviser should have worked around the clock to keep Biden as far away from a microphone as possible.

Biden also boasted about the 600,000 miles he has traveled “so far” as Vice President. The primary problem with the slipping “greatness” of American cities is the leadership in the Oval Office. A second term for the Obama-Biden pairing would further erode the already crumbling sense of personal responsibility of many citizens in cities and small towns across the county which has spawned from decades of liberal entitlement programs.