ISIS Threatens Russia – Terror Group Scaring Kremlin With ‘Soon, Very Soon’ Message?

ISIS has attempted to threaten Russia. The terror group purportedly released a video that contains a threatening message addressed to Russia. The message warns the Kremlin of imminent attacks.

A video was released by ISIS on Wednesday threatening Russia. It has been marked with ISIS’ Al Hayat Media Center and confirmed by monitoring group SITE. The five-minute video contains a chant in Russian over visuals of old ISIS propaganda, along with images of Russian cities and buildings. The ominous video is titled “Soon Very Soon the Blood Will Spill like an Ocean” and was posted about two weeks back. The timing of the video might have been synchronized with the crashing of Metrojet plane, a Russian company’s commercial jetliner over Egypt, reported the New York Daily News. ISIS has already claimed responsibility of downing the plane, but Russia is investigating the crash that killed 224 innocent civilians.

The video hasn’t been confirmed to be the work of ISIS, but it has been posted and shared on ISIS-affiliated social media accounts. Unconfirmed reports indicate Russia has taken the video seriously and is investigating the threat. The country perhaps believes the video might be authentic and may take evasive measures, hinted Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

“I’ve read news about this video, but have not seen it myself. I don’t know the authenticity of this video, and I don’t know the authenticity of these sources. But in any case I’m sure this material will be subject of scrutiny by our special services.”

In the video, ISIS taunts Russia and vows they will “make your wives concubines and your children slaves.” The video shows the atrocities that the terror group is infamous for while the voiceover says the jihadists will make “blood spill like an ocean” in Russia, apparently as payback for its support of Syria.

The threatening video states, “In your major cities, we will corner you. You won’t be able to escape nor spread your corruption. You will live a life of humiliation only from now on. In the hereafter, hellfire awaits you.”

It is apparent that ISIS is facing the brunt of Russia upping its military offensive in Syria against the terrorist organization. ISIS fighters and its strongholds are being bombed with increased frequency. Vladimir Putin has confirmed his allegiance to Syrian President Bashar Assad and has confirmed the country’s intentions of ending the supremacy of ISIS.

Such propagandist videos and threats aren’t uncommon and are expected by developed nations who take sides in war-torn nations where such groups like ISIS are wreaking havoc.

Fox News cited U.S.-based Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium editorial director Veryan Khan, who said, “The video is a clear threat to Russia and to a certain extent to other Western countries. The Islamic State claims they will reach the Kremlin and bring it down. Many threats are being issued against Russia because of their intervention in Syria since September, and this video is clearly just one more threat to Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

Though the video may have been synchronized with the crash of Russian passenger airplane, it has also been timed with a U.S.-backed Kurdish offensive in northern Iraq in an attempt to reclaim territory seized by ISIS last year, reported Latin Post.

Incidentally, a member of al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al-Nusra, called Abu Ubaid al-Madani, issued a threat through a video published on YouTube.

In the video, he says, “Your sons will return dead. Are those Russian soldiers willing to die for the caprices and egoism of Putin?”

Amidst the rising concerns that ISIS may have smuggled a bomb in the Metrojet that crashed over Egyptian desert, the terrorist group has released a video threatening Russia. Although it might well be another one of the terror tactics that ISIS is known for, should Russia treat it as a credible threat?

[Image via YouTube Video Screen Grab / Al-Hayat Media Center]