Movie Poster At Cannes Features An Effigy Of Decapitated Donald Trump

A movie poster at the Cannes Film Festival in France that featured a decapitated head bearing the likeness of President Donald Trump is raising eyebrows.

The movie, from writer-director-producer Sheldon Silverstein, is called When Women Rule the World and the poster image features actress Anna Hera in a bikini holding two decapitated heads. In one hand, she is holding a head with blood on its face with yellow hair wearing a Make America Great Again hat. In her other hand, she is holding what appears to be the head of a zombie.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Silverstein said the film was a "high-concept, sci-fi satire with sociopolitical themes that align with movements like #MeToo and Time's Up" that also comment on toxic masculinity. When describing the plot, Silverstein said, "Donald Trump gets in a fight with Putin over who has the biggest penis, and he pushes a button that starts World War III … It's kind of crazy."

"Meet the First Lady of the Future with her Heads of State," the tagline on the poster read. The official movie synopsis, which can be found on the film's official website, described how the movie followed a reality-show mogul and his Russian fiancee along with another couple on their way to Las Vegas to begin filming a TV series. They encounter a time vortex and travel to the future, after Trump has "pushed the button." The women left behind separate themselves from the men and live in a village protected by female warriors. Blaming men for all the destruction, the women banish them to the desert.

"What will happen when two couples from the present become entwined with man-hating Amazons and woman-hating men from the future?" the synopsis asks. The movie allegedly answers those questions and asks new ones.

Silverstein said the film spoke about the current political climate.

"The film has a consciousness and has something to say about what's going on in the world," Silverstein told The Hollywood Reporter. Silverstein shares the same attitude toward Trump as comedian Kathy Griffin, who suffered severe backlash when she posed with what appeared to be the decapitated head of Trump.

"He's a moron and doesn't care about the environment. It's all about money to him," he said.

"It's a shame he got elected and [this movie] is a put-down on all of that," he added.

When Women Rule the World is being shopped around for distribution partners and Silverstein said that everyone seemed to like it so far.