November 12, 2015
'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers And Speculation: Is A Central Female Character Leaving Soon?

There have been a lot of cast changes this fall on Days of Our Lives, and now rumors are swirling about another big one ahead. From the sounds of things, there is another cast member potentially leaving the show and this one may come as a shocker. What's the scoop?

Days of Our Lives fans have already seen the departures of Aiden, Clyde, Serena, Paige, and Will. In addition, it has become public knowledge that Eve and Daniel will be departing soon as well. According to Serial Scoop, however, fans may need to brace themselves for another departure of a seemingly key character.

The site details a big Days of Our Lives spoiler tease that a "popular daytime star is not planning to renew his or her contract when it comes up for renewal in the next couple of months." The initial tease did not name which show the character was from, and there have been a lot of rumors floating around about who might be the subject of the post.

In recent months, departure rumors have been floating around about General Hospital stars Jason Thompson and Billy Miller, as well as Young and Restless stars Burgess Jenkins and Justin Hartley. It has recently been confirmed that both Thompson and Jenkins are leaving their roles, but word has been that both Miller and Hartley have plans to stay put.

When it comes to Days of Our Lives, there has been so much coming and going that it has been hard to imagine yet another departure that hasn't been on the radar. However, the Serial Scoop blind item has just been updated to specifically details that it is a DOOL star involved in this one. That definitely has fans buzzing about the possibilities.

The site also indicates that if this actor or actress leaves, it will be "a bummer for his/her fans and the writing team of this show." There has been a lot of talk about the possibility that Robert Scott Wilson, who plays Ben, may end up leaving this winter since Ben is the Necktie Killer. However, that character's departure would seem a natural conclusion to the storyline and wouldn't necessarily come off as a big bummer.

One cast member now gaining attention in the midst of this buzz is Kate Mansi, who plays Abigail. As the Jason47's Days of Our Lives site details, Kate Mansi's contract is believed to be up for renewal in December. Given how front-and-center the character of Abigail is right now, it is easy to see why Mansi's departure would shake things up for the writers and the fans.

It would also appear that Peggy McCay's contract is due for renewal in December as well. While Caroline has been very much in the mix of things lately, it seems unlikely that McCay would necessarily leave after all this time on the show, and her departure wouldn't necessarily create big drama for the writers or fans. Some would imagine that it would be easy to drop McCay to recurring or just phase her out a bit if the actress was looking to depart.

Aside from McCay and Mansi, it doesn't appear that any of the Days of Our Lives cast members are on the brink of a contract renewal, but there very well could be shifts that have flown under the radar. While rumors have swirled about many male stars departing their respective soaps, the fact that Serial Scoop is specific in being vague on the gender in their post could also be a bit of a hint that a female is at the center of this one.

The character of Abigail is definitely central to the storytelling right now on DOOL, and fans have waited a long time to see Abigail and Chad together without Ben or other issues holding them back. Abigail is currently being held hostage by Ben, but Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Chad will be working diligently to find her and may even be the one to deliver her baby.

If Kate Mansi is the one potentially leaving DOOL, what happens to Abigail? Would the show recast? Some speculate that Abigail might just head out of town for a while to recover from the hostage situation, and few think she would necessarily be killed off entirely. At this point, nothing seems certain, and viewers will be anxiously waiting for more news on this front.

Do you think Kate Mansi will be leaving Days of Our Lives at some point soon? Is there somebody else you think could be the subject of the blind, or will this one work out to be entirely off-base?

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images]