Israel Strikes Syria – Unconfirmed Reports Of Airstrikes

Israel has attacked Syria. The strike by the Israeli air-force reportedly took place just hours ago, targeting a site very close to the Damascus international airport. It remains unclear what the exact target of the strike was.

The strike comes two weeks after another Israeli attack on a weapons convoy in Syria, as reported by I24 News. Israel has reportedly ordered many strikes on military bases in Syria since the beginning of the fraught, unruly, and bloody Syrian civil war, which started in 2011.

The war in Syria, which rages on amidst intervention efforts by U.S. president Barack Obama and other global leaders, has resulted in the loss of 250,000 lives in the space of four and a half years, as reported by the BBC. The war in Syria is a source of anxiety for Israel, who are determined to ensure Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon. Israel and its citizens are vulnerable to strikes by Syria, Iran and associated terror groups.

The latest strike by Israel took out electricity lines around the Damascus airport. The airport is a central hub that connects Syria to the outside world, moving journalists, businesspeople, politicians, and diplomats and helping to ease the isolation of the sanctions-plagued nation of Syria, whose leader Assad is distrusted by many. The strike by Israel on the site near Damascus airport led to the cancellation of many flights, suggesting that one of Israel’s goals may have been to isolate Syria further and prevent some kind of critical transaction from taking place.

The Israel National Times reported that last week’s strike on Syria disrupted the transfer of a missile shipment to Hezbollah.

Terror group Hezbollah is an ally of Syrian leader Assad, and a declared enemy of Israel. Hezbollah was founded after Israel invaded Lebanon. The group actively engages in Holocaust denial and spreads anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

The Atlantic has previously reported that Israel air- strikes are designed to destroy assets (in other words, missiles and similar war aids) belonging to Syria and Hezbollah.

Hezbollah are very active in the current civil war in Syria, which is so full of factions and rebels of different stripes that U.S. president Barack Obama has just sent 50 United States special forces to help coordinate rebels fighting on the ground in Syria, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

VOA News reports that Hezbollah claims to be targeting terror group ISIS through their activity in Syria, but their true goal is to strengthen the position of notorious leader Assad, whose grip on the country is tenuous and who Barack Obama has declared “must go.”

The latest Israel strike on Syria comes after U.S. president Barack Obama met with Israeli president Netanyahu, in a meeting that was described as congenial but “cool”.

Obama used the meeting to reassure Netanyahu that the U.S. takes the security of Israel seriously and that its actions in Iran (the U.S. and Israel disagreed recently on an Iranian nuclear deal) and Syria will not compromise the security of Israel.

Obama angered some commentators, who are critical of Israel’s response to Palestinian attacks, when he made the following statement.

“It is my strong belief that Israel has not just the right but the obligation to protect itself.”

Obama condemned Palestinian violence against civilians in Israel and stated that he is committed to ensuring that Iran does not get its hands on a nuclear weapon.

Hezbollah leader Hasaan Nasrallah made a defiant and mocking statement in the aftermath of the meeting between Israel and the U.S. The terror leader said he is “proud that Hezbollah was a focus of Monday’s meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House” and slammed the US for supporting a “Zionist entity” (Israel).

He went on to suggest that anger from the leaders of Israel and the U.S. is a good gauge as to whether Hezbollah is on the right track with their terror activities (in Syria and elsewhere).

“When the Great Satan and its puppets say that Hezbollah poses a threat, then we are certain that we are in the right place.”

The terror leader referred to America as “The Great Satan” and U.S. allies as “its puppets.”

Hezbollah are eager to ensure that Syria remains in the hands of their ally Assad. The Israeli strike on Syria in the aftermath of the talks between Obama and Israel president Netenyahu suggests that perhaps Netenyahu was not as pleased with Obama’s diplomacy as he seemed, and there was real distrust underpinning the “coolness” between the two leaders.

It seems Israel is not convinced that U.S. special forces will “referee” the war in Syria to Israel’s satisfaction. By ordering the Israel strike on the Damascus international airport in Syria, Netenyahu demonstrated that he believes he must take the matter of Syria into his own hands.

[Image by Getty Images/Sergei Venyavsky]