November 11, 2015
'The Voice' Results According To iTunes: Who's Probably Headed Home?

The Voice live results are tonight, and we'll know which Voice contestants will be leaving either far too soon or right on time. After calculating iTunes rankings via PopVortex, one begins to have an idea of just who that might be.

There may be some surprises, but remember the Voice coaches have one final say in how their teams will shape up going forward.

First, the Voice contestants that are currently on top. Surprising no one, Jordan Smith is currently the top ranked Voice singer. He's currently charting at #3 on iTunes following a sublime performance of Beyoncé's "Halo." He's definitely the man to beat in Season 9. The persons who seem to be coming closest at that point are a trio of country artists under Voice coach Blake Shelton: Emily Ann Roberts, Barrett Barber, and Zach Seabaugh.

At this point Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani each boast a dark horse (Evan McKeel and Jeffrey Austin), but little more. Song choice is crucial, and these coaches may not have picked the best songs judging by the poor iTunes reception.

It's starting to look like a Team Adam vs. Team Blake season.

Now to the Voice artists that the PopVortex rankings strongly suggest are going to bite the dust tonight. Off the bat, the contestants most likely to be leaving The Voice would be those who failed to make the iTunes chart. Having checked yesterday and this afternoon -- after the rankings were set -- it appears that the singers most in danger at this point are Regina Love and Korin Bukowski. While these two women rank near the bottom, the returned Ellie Lawrence triumphed with her cover of "Ex's and Oh's." This is significant as they're all under Voice coach Gwen Stefani.

This means they fall behind the also endangered Viktor Király and Braiden Sunshine. If Ellie and Jeffrey are indeed voted into next week's live shows by the Voice audience, there's more likely to be a split between Viktor and Braiden over Gwen's deciding vote than either Regina or Korin. Odds are they're done.

Also likely to be headed home are Team Blake's Nadjah Nicole and Ivonne Cero. It's unfortunate since these two technically weren't terrible. Their only mistake is going with country artist Blake Shelton. He's a country coach, and they have top country talent that they're competing against. Voice artists Emily Ann Roberts, Barret Barber, and Zach Seabaugh did very well on iTunes. While it's going to be close, the odds are that two of these three will be safe. The only hope for Nadja, Ivonne, and fellow Voice team member Morgan Fraizer is if Blake decides to try his hand at diversity. Blake has very popular country artists this season. It may be that Shelton decides that less is more and passes on adding a third such singer to his stable.

Otherwise, these singers are in quite a bit of danger.

Other Voice hopefuls likely to be leaving are Team Adam's Keith Semple and Chance Peña. Team Pharrell is a toss-up thanks in large part to the remarkable returning performance of Celeste Betton. While I'd previously pegged Evan McKeel as a frontrunner, this could be a painful situation as Mark Hood and Darius Scott might join him in the bottom three. If Evan is voted through, that means Modi Davis, despite doing amazingly on iTunes, will also be on the chopping block. Williams isn't so predictable when it comes to what talent he chooses to push through. Practically anyone on that team could stay or go for no other reason than their talent.

It's unfortunate that their talents don't seem to match the popularity of other artists on other teams.

Something else noted via PopVortex is that the bottom of the pile is pretty gender neutral. By comparison, in Season 7, the Voice audience couldn't wait to get rid of the women contestants, with most not even surviving to the Top 10 last year. Once the dust settles tonight, fans of The Voice will be in for a truly competitive season packed with talent.

One caveat? With so many gifted Voice hopefuls, it feels like an upset is practically inevitable. Although The Voice recently allowed judges to bring back a returned artist, one wonders if in future seasons that option may be pushed up a week given the likelihood a talented Voice contestant will be leaving too soon one week into live shows.

Who do you think the judges will save? Be sure to comment on your theories and feelings about tonight's show in the comment section below!

[Image Via Screen Grab From The Voice Official YouTube Channel]