Amber And Jim Marchese Officially Quit ‘RHONJ,’ Say They Don’t Need The Money

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has at least one cast member leaving in the upcoming season. Radar Online confirmed today that Amber Marchese will not be coming back next season for the show. Her husband, Jim Marchese, is actually the one doing the talking for her. Marchese shared that they didn’t get along with production and went on to explain more.

“Amber is definitely moving on to other ventures in life. I think it’s the best decision for herself, for her health, and for our family. This show doesn’t fit who we are as people, our lifestyle, and who we are as a family. The viewers don’t understand it’s not real. I was told to go to a place. I was told to hit beats, so I did it.”

Basically, as Jim Marchese is explaining, when it comes to reality television, they are put into certain situations that the cameras will be there, such as parties or vacations. While watching the RHONJ special all about Teresa Giudice, they actually made up their decision about not wanting to be on the show anymore. Jim Marchese went on to explain that what viewers saw of himself and Amber is not the real them.

“What they [the viewers] saw of Amber and I, was what the storyline called for. The constant beating of the drum of ‘She has cancer’ or ‘I’m being rude,’ that was what was required of us. That is not how we conduct ourselves.”

Amber Marchese photo
Amber Marchese from Twitter

Of course, being on RHONJ is a great paycheck for the Marcheses, but Jim says that they don’t need the money. Amber is just fine without the show. Jim said that he never wanted to be an actor or famous and explained exactly how much money he has and wasn’t holding much back.

“To be snarky, if I wanted to, I would buy my own production company. I don’t want to though. My bank lends hundreds of millions of dollars a year. I’m relatively certain if I want to buy a half an hour on Bravo or any other station, I could do it.”

Jim Marchese went on to explain that Bravo has no reason at all to contact them. Jim doesn’t want his wife back on the show, and it won’t be happening. Marchese is saying that money is not something they need, so it doesn’t sound like any big huge offer would get them to come back once again. Jim Marchese even went on to say that the people who are on the show now need the money and that is one reason they keep coming back so that they can support their family.

Amber Marchese
Amber Marchese from Twitter

According to Jim, Amber Marchese is now friends with Melissa Gorga again and developed a friendship with Jacqueline Laurita, but other than that, they don’t plan to keep in contact with anyone else at all. Jim made it obvious that he is happy with never speaking to the cast of RHONJ again if it is up to him. Jim Marchese is moving on from the show just fine, but he may continue to stay in the press talking about it.

At this time, Teresa Giudice is still in prison, and People shared that she is actually writing a tell-all book while behind bars. The Real Housewives of New Jersey is not filming yet, and it sounds like they are just waiting on Teresa to get out of jail before they get started. This new book will talk all about how Teresa ended up in jail.

Do you think that anyone will miss Amber and Jim Marchese on RHONJ? Are you glad to see them gone? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for National Geographic Channel]