Shakoor Arline And Lisa Smith Photos: Mother Of 5 And Arline Killed As Facebook, Twitter Pictures Go Viral [Video]

Paula Mooney

More information is being released about Shakoor Arline and Lisa Smith, including photos of Shakoor and Lisa as seen on various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. As reported by the Inquisitr, it was a crime of passion event that killed 25-year-old Shakoor and 32-year-old Lisa.

More photos of Smith and Arline are being uncovered online as the case gains national attention for Shakoor and Lisa. Previously, only photos of Arline were discovered, likely due to Smith's common name. Now photos of both Shakoor and Lisa are making the rounds, with at least one showing Arline and Smith together.

Arline left a comment on April 30, 2010 at 11:52am about his marital status more than five years ago.

"Yeah i've married for the past four months and it's lovely. And thanks and yeah I did forget to tell you. Cuz u kno ur like the women version of Dr. Phil."

On Twitter, one more photo of Arline can be seen in the profile photo on an account called @familyfirst_23, which is private. A young girl -- possibly a family member -- appears in the Twitter profile photo with Shakoor.

"A black man just tryna get by in this place they call the world " also calls Lisa a mother of five children. Smith reportedly grew up in Northeast Philadelphia, but originally hailed from Arizona. Arline and Smith's shocking deaths from gunshots at a close range during sex is what's making this case a "crime of passion," say police. With crime photos being circulated of Lisa's Toyota Sequoia showing shattered glass as the result of bullets piercing the glass, the case has drawn lots of attention to the social media accounts of Shakoor and Lisa.

Police have stated that Lisa and Shakoor were likely shot sometime after midnight but before 5 a.m. on Friday. Their bodies were found Friday afternoon. Cops are busy verifying Lisa's boyfriend's alibi and Shakoor's girlfriend's alibi, reports

Authorities state that Lisa's SUV has Arizona license plates and say that they are focusing on Smith's boyfriend -- although they did not go so far as to call him a "person of interest." Cops think the killer of Arline and Lisa might have followed them in Smith's SUV and watched the couple prior to killing them both.

[Image via Twitter/Arline-Smith]