Lindsey Vonn Hurt By Fighting Dogs, Olympic Athlete Gets Stitches At Hospital

Lindsey Vonn has suffered an injury once again. The Olympic gold medalist took to Instagram yesterday and sent out a video of her mangled hand being prepped for surgery. In the video, Lindsey gives a shoutout to Jimmy Fallon.

Tried to break up my dogs fighting over a frisbee and this is what I get…an amazing @jimmyfallon belated Halloween costume! Thx @leoandbearvonn thx Dr. Viola for fixing me!!!

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The Fallon reference comes from the fact that Jimmy Fallon severely injured a finger on his hand this past summer and has been very accident-prone this year. Fallon’s finger was so messed up that he is lucky that he did not have to have it amputated. Fallon had to spend ten days in an ICU. In a cruel bit of irony, Fallon’s finger accident was the cause of him chipping his tooth later in the summer. Fallon was given a cream for the scar that he had on his finger. Because of the finger injury, Jimmy could not get the tube of cream open. Since he could not get it open the normal way, he tried to open the tube with his mouth. He then regretted that decision when his tooth chipped. Comparing the two, Vonn has the edge in the gross factor between the two star’s injuries.

Lindsey Vonn has two dogs. Leo and Brown. Vonn loves her dogs so much that the two canines have their own Instagram page. The two dogs let their wild animal instinct take them over for just a second. That one second led to Vonn’s hand becoming mangled.

Lindsey went on Twitter and explained that she got bitten because she was trying to break up a fight between Leo and Bear.

Lindsey has been struggling to keep herself healthy enough to train and not miss any time on the ski slopes. In November 2013, Vonn stated that she had re-injured her already troublesome right knee. The injury turned out to be a partially torn ACL.

Lindsey’s injury occurred when she crashed during a training session. Knees are one of the most vital parts of a skier’s body. Vonn was determined to ski during an early December competition. The best that Lindsey could do during the competition was a fifth place finish. Vonn was hopeful that she would be fine for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Another knee injury in late December made that goal impossible. Lindsey had to sit the Olympics out.

Vonn did not return to the world of competitive skiing until early December 2014 at the Women’s World Cup downhill race. Lindsey won it. A broken ankle earlier this year kept Vonn out of a skiing event in Austria last month. Vonn then found herself on the wrong side of her dogs. This past weekend, Lindsey was bitten by her dogs who just wanted to play frisbee. Due to her hand injury, Vonn will not be traveling to Finland for a slalom event on November 14. Lindsey does not feel all that bad about missing the upcoming event since she no longer competes in slaloms anymore.

Even though she has a long list of injuries, Lindsey Vonn is the greatest female skier in World Cup history. Passing by Annemarie Moser-Proell last season, Vonn has a total of 67 World Cup victories.

Is Lindsey Vonn’s proneness to getting hurt going to strike again? Will Jimmy Fallon now feel like he has to hurt himself again to make sure her accident was not one-upped by her?

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