'World's Hottest Weather Girl' Yanet Garcia Puts On Booty Display In Ultra-Tight Leggings & Cropped Top

Being dubbed "the world's hottest weather girl" is a tall order. Mexican sensation Yanet Garcia comes with that status, per The Daily Star. This brunette beauty now has worldwide fame, 10.3 million Instagram followers, and a fresh May 27 update.

Today's picture sees Yanet rocking athleisure gear. Her selfie is throwing fans some major workout vibes, but it's likewise sending a bit of a booty display. Garcia has angled her physique to accentuate her peachy posterior, and she seems to have chosen clothing that flaunts it best. The 28-year-old is wearing ultra-tight leggings in reddish hues, and she's matched them with a tiny black crop top. While the leggings aren't flaunting any skin, they are clinging to the weather girl's toned rear and legs. The top, somewhat looser, is still flashing Yanet's back and arms. Yanet accessorizes her look with a black baseball cap.

Fans have been going into a frenzy in the comments section, showering compliments upon Yanet for her poise and physique.

"Good Lord woman," one admirer wrote.

"One fine behind," another comment read.

A lengthy caption from today's post has explained its promotional nature. The Tonder Army tub being held by Yanet appears to be a nutritional supplement. Instructions in the caption have stated that today is a "giveaway." Fans can win items from participating, including "shakers" and the brand's "TBF Avenger." Acquiring the prize appears to require some tagging – the comments section suggests a high and cooperative response from Yanet's fan base.

As a model, actress, and TV host, Yanet is now a global sensation. Her status as the "world's hottest weather girl" likely plays a role in her continued success, and also seems to be contributing to her rising Instagram following. The above-stated report from The Daily Star was published back in March. It listed Garcia as having 9.5 million Instagram followers. Having now surpassed the 10-million mark in terms of Instagram followers, it would seem that Yanet's audience is steadily increasing.Yanet's Instagram feed displays her fun-loving personality. Her smile often manifests itself, although sultry lingerie selfies also showcase a more adult side to the model. Likewise evident is Yanet's dedication to fitness. Her workout videos show a girl who puts in maximal effort, and so it is unsurprising that she's been tapped to collaborate with a fitness-centric brand.While many comments left on today's post were in Spanish, enough English comments appeared to demonstrate Garcia's grip as extending beyond her home country of Mexico. Her account is also followed by some celebrity faces. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams follows her, as does Victoria's Secret Angel Josephine Skriver. Fellow models Sommer Ray, Lele Pons, and Issa Vegas also keep tabs on Yanet.

Fans wishing to stay updated on Garcia's activities should follow her Instagram feed.