Illinois Town Slams the Lid on Toilet-Themed Lawn Ornaments

Duncan Riley

The town of Lakemoor, Illinois, has ordered local artist, Tina Asmus, to remove old toilets used as planters and lawn ornaments from her front lawn, or face a hefty fine.

The town's Mayor, Todd Weihoffen, who is also the town's plumber, says he stands behind the local police who have given Asmus 30 days to remove the toilets. Mayor Weihoffen says Amus faces a fine of between $25 and $500 if she doesn’t comply with the removal order by June 15.

Amus says she will refuse to remove the toilet planters from her lawn, saying that not only does she consider them pieces of art, but that she is recycling them and helping the environment by keeping them out of the local landfill.