November 9, 2015
The Voice: Who Is The Top Ranked Voice Contestant Ahead Of The Live Playoffs?

Well, here we are at last, Voice fans! The week of the Live Playoffs! That's when America finally gets a taste of live performances and makes the Voice audience finally gets itself heard.

It's one thing to have the coaches declare their personal favorites and likely frontrunners. It's quite another for America to lay out the field ahead of completely taking the reins from the Voice judges. You may have an idea who's out in front *cough* Jordan *cough*, but no idea who's in danger going into the live shows.

Well, I did some calculating of official YouTube video views, Twitter followers, and iTunes reviews and ratings to try to guesstimate who sits where. The results were...unexpected. People I expected to be out front were closer to the middle of the pack. Persons I expected to be semi-dark-horses were, in fact, front-runners. And one amazing talent is actually ranked near the bottom.

Before we get to the "WTF" that is the bottom of the Voice contestant list (and those most in danger of being voted off), let's have a look at the likely frontrunners heading into the live Voice shows.

If you expected to see anyone other than Jordan Smith top this list, you have not been paying attention. How dominant is Jordan right now in the Voice power rankings? He currently boasts the 6th most watched video EVER on the official YouTube channel. Let me help you understand how major this is. Only Voice finalist, Christina Grimmie (for Team Adam), has more views. The only other two people ahead of him are his coach, Adam Levine, and a performance by Wiz Khalifa featuring finalist Chris Jamison -- who was also on Team Adam.

Do you see a pattern here? It may be far too early to declare, but these signs strongly suggest that Jordan is going to be the contestant to beat. Barring a situation where people just somehow refuse to vote for him, it's safe to say he is the most likely to be voted into the Top 16.

I pegged Viktor Király as a dark horse and probably didn't give him the attention he deserved (and given his brilliant performance of "If I Ain't Got You"), that's criminal on my part. It turns out I severely underestimated his social media presence. Heading into the live shows, Viktor currently boasts the largest Twitter following with more than 26,000 followers. This is important because if The Voice has an instant save option again this season, one is going to need a larger Twitter presence than their competition to stay safe. In this regard, Viktor may boast the advantage.

He also has the greatest number of video views after Jordan, although Jordan is way ahead. And to be totally shallow (because this is important, whether we like it or not), he's actually rather attractive. All things considered, he's a strong frontrunner. Well, as strong a frontrunner as anyone can be against Jordan at this stage.

Amy Vachal narrowly edges out Emily Ann Roberts (who we'll get to) as the strongest woman competitor on The Voice. Her soft vocals are flawless, and she seems to have made a strong impact on viewers. She currently has the most views on the Voice official YouTube page. As far as Twitter followers go, she's bested by Emily Ann, but her iTunes rating/reviews were greater in number. Coupled with the Voice video views, it's close, but Amy is ahead for now.

Emily Ann Roberts seems to be the top country artist remaining in the competition. Something that I'm finding is that even though country music is usually VERY popular on The Voice, the top artists this season aren't country artists. Fortunately for Emily Ann, her social media and video popularity is such that she'll likely be picked by the Voice audience. If somehow she's not, I suspect she'll be pushed through by Blake.

All things considered, I think Emily Ann will be sticking around for a while.

Mark Hood rounds out the Voice Top Five, but barely. I think his choice of "Stand By Me" might have hurt him. Not to mention Mark over-sang it, when he really didn't need to. His Twitter follower count helped push him ahead of Ivonne Acero, who is a highly regarded Voice hopeful.

While I think Mark Hood has a good chance of being voted into the Top 16, he could ruin it with a bad song choice that he (again) fails to show the right amount of subtlety with. That aside, Mark is a very skilled singer. He's certainly got the moves and showmanship...he just has to learn when less is more and more is less. One thing I will say, he's doing far better than a Team Pharrell member I expected to give him a run for his money.

Who was that? Stay tuned, as I share the Voice contestants most likely to go home! For now, how do you feel about this list? Is your Top 5 ranking different? Share your thoughts on the best of the best of The Voice Season 9 below!

Note: The artists were ranked by adding together their YouTube video totals, comparing total Twitter followers, and totaling iTunes single reviews and average ratings.

[Image Via Screen Grabs From The Voice Official YouTube Page]