Trevor Noah Doesn’t Get Much Sympathy For Appendectomy As Poor ‘The Daily Show’ Ratings Plummet 37 Percent

Trevor Noah may (or may not) be ruining The Daily Show, but one wonders why people are making fun of his emergency appendectomy surgery. Newsweek reported on his emergency surgery earlier this week.

“Trevor Noah underwent an emergency appendectomy this morning. We’re happy to report that the procedure went well and he is currently recuperating from the surgery. As a result, The Daily Show will air an encore tonight. We expect he and the show will be back with an original episode tomorrow,” tweeted Comedy Central on Wednesday morning.

Some of the responses on Twitter were rather cruel.

Trevor Noah 'The Daily Show'
Trevor Noah’s ratings on ‘The Daily Show’ have been brutally low, but it’s really too early to consider him a failure. [Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]
The emergency surgery comes as it has been revealed that Trevor Noah’s ratings have plummeted 37 percent. Breitbart has the news.

“Although the presidential race is already hotter than hot, Trevor Noah, the leftwing host of Comedy Central’s ‘Daily Show,’ has managed to turn off a full 37% of his predecessor’s viewers. According to Nielsen, in his first full month as host, Noah is down 32% in the all important 18-49 viewing demo, and down a catastrophic 37% in total viewers.”

Breitbart adds that the collapse is not artificially skewed; the comparison does not include the ratings increase that came with Jon Stewart’s final week. The comments after the article were very mean towards Noah.

“Another obnoxious clown about to bite the dust. He’s an a-hole Liberal/Progressive type and the country is through with them. He is not edgy or hip, just an a**. Good By Trevor,” writes Frdm Rkt.

“You sure he wasn’t hospitalized for an emergency lobotomy?” asks Nogunshere.

Trevor Noah’s emergency surgery at least led him to doing a skit about the health care system in the United States. The New York Daily News talks about Noah’s skit.

“‘ The Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah got a crash course in American health care early Wednesday when he said an emergency room employee prioritized paperwork over his perforated appendix.”

Noah explained that a woman at the hospital desk wanted him to fill out a form, even though he indicated that he was dying. She wouldn’t relent and told him he has to fill out the form first no matter what.

Trevor Noah also made fun of the wait times in the emergency rooms. He believes there should be two rooms: an emergency room and another room that makes you wait. The skit drew plenty of laughs, but there have also been some people who believe Noah, a South African Native, doesn’t have the right to just come here and criticize our health care system.

Despite all the negativity out there for Trevor Noah, there are many people who like him. The comments after a recent article about Noah’s return to The Daily Show at Deadline prove this point.

“I think he’s doing just fine, and he will eventually find his niche. I like Trevor Noah, and it hasn’t been long. He had big shoes to fill. Give him time. Remember when Conan took over for Letterman? The first few months? Ewwww,” says commenter Bill.

Many other commenters on Trevor Noah after the article believe we should just give him a chance. What do you think of Trevor Noah? Let us know in the comments section.

[Feature photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]