Best Buy Finally Figures Out MMOG Gift Cards?

Apparently, Best Buy has finally figured out that all those teens and tweens who come in with their parents to get computers aren’t just using them for schoolwork. Virtual World News notes that GMG Entertainment is working with AdventureQuest, Gala-Net, Meez, and Stardoll to launch prepaid cards at Best Buy. The cards, often sold in multiple dollar amounts, allow players who aren’t privileged enough to have their own credit or debit card to pay for subscriptions or virtual gifts in MMOGs.

What took Best Buy so long? And why is this news? Retailers like Target have long had these cards, and they aren’t located in the generalized card kiosks where the Meez CEO claims retailers leave them. At least in Target, the cards can be found right with the rest of the teen- and tween-focused media, and I have yet to take a trip through the movies and games there without having an eight-year-old beg me for permission to buy a card for ClubPenguin, Zwinky, or Stardoll.

The question that remains is how much of a draw the cards will be for Best Buy. Because they are attractive to younger players (and those giving gifts to younger players), the customer base is more likely to be found in a retailer like Target than an appliance- and electronics-focused store like Best Buy.