Joey and Rory Update: Joey Feek’s Husband Says Love Makes Your Hair Fall Off

Joey Feek of the country duo Joey + Rory is dealing with a huge battle with cancer. Fans have been praying for her for weeks and are hopeful that things will turn around even though the doctors have sent her home saying they can’t do anything more for her, but Joey insists she went home to live not to die. Her husband Rory just shared a new update on their blog called Love Makes Your Hair Fall Off. In this post, Rory shared all about how Joey and her sisters united to shave their hair off after Joey’s started to get really thin due to the chemotherapy. This is a story of love and hope.

Love Makes Your Hair Fall Off
Joey's Feeks Family from Facebook

Last week, the country all joined in prayer for Joey. The Boot shared that hundreds gathered in her hometown to pray for her. They joined in her hometown Alexandria and prayed, lighting candles and even listening to a recording of Joey Feek singing Amazing Grace. They asked everyone to pray for a miracle and peace with His decision.

In the blog, Rory explained that they did this prayer together as a family, but an hour later they were all having a great time in what turned into everyone shaving their hair and joining Joey in her fight.

Day by day, the effects of all the chemo Joey had received the last couple months was causing her hair to get thinner and thinner, so on Tuesday she asked me if I would do the honors.

Our older daughters were still here, so they sat at the foot of Joey’s chair in the middle of the living room and held her hands as I took the clippers that she usually cuts my hair with, and followed through with her wishes.

I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not. I kept telling her that maybe her body is resistant to the chemo drugs… and maybe her hair wouldn’t all fall out. I was hoping she could continue to look in the mirror and see herself, and not have to see a cancer-patient staring back at her.

Rory shared that Joey didn’t seem to believe them all when they told her she was still beautiful after shaving her hair off. Then the craziest thing happened and he described it saying “her best-friend Julie’s hair fell off.” He shared that after that the next night the same thing happened to all of Joey’s sister as these 3 shaved their hair off too. Then next’ Joey’s daddy’s hair fell off as well. He went on to say “Even her little eight-year-old niece Alyssa’s hair fell off.”

Rory ended this blog about his wife Joey by saying something amazing. This could be the words to a song someday.

“Cancer can’t do that.
Only love can.
Your heart hurts so much for someone that you love…
Your hair falls off.”

Joey Feek is still fighting a battle and living her life. This country singer has been spending time with her family and even told her daughter’s goodbye already just in case the worst case scenario does happen. Joey and Rory have one daughter together, but he has 2 girls that Joey is just like mom to as well. It has been a rough time for the Feek family, but somehow they are pushing through and living life.

Do you have someone in your life that love made your hair fall off? This is an amazing story of the love for Joey Feek and this woman has touched so many in her life. Hopefully Rory continues to update everyone on how she is doing as they pray for a miracle and peace with His decision.

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