Showtime Cancels Cult Hit Weeds

Mary-Louise Parker’s skimpy outfit wearing days are numbered. Showtime has just announced that the upcoming season of Weeds will be its eighth and final season. Weeds, which has been the network’s longest running show has been axed by the network.

The president of Showtime, David Nevins, is well aware of the success Weeds has brought to the network, telling EW.: “There were two shows, Weeds and Dexter, that really got Showtime taken seriously for cutting-edge original programming.”

Weeds follows Mary-Louise Parker, a widow, and self-proclaimed hustler through middle America with her two young boys. The first few seasons were focused on her making pocket-money by selling weed, hence the television’s title. As the seasons gone on the drugs that she’s selling and nail-biting situations she’s had to get herself out of have raised the bar with each season.

With all the developing story lines to wrap up, Nevins is aware that Weeds is a show that deserves justice in how everything comes to a close. “How they get brought home is really important. In this case, both for the sake of the two women behind the show [series creator Jenji Kohan and leading lady Mary-Louise Parker] and an audience that’s really invested in the show. TV fans love nothing better to complain about how shows end and we really want to end this one the right way,” said Nevins.


Are you disappointed that Weeds is coming to an end or do you think it’s time for Nancy Botwin to get a real job?