Hillary Clinton Not Sure What To Call Husband Bill Clinton If She Wins Presidency: ‘First Man, First Mate, First Dude?’

What will Hillary Clinton call her husband, former President Bill Clinton, if she becomes the next President of the United States? During her appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, she not only shared her best ideas for Bill’s new moniker, but she also talked about the recent GOP debate, briefly touched on her email scandal, and met with four children who debated over having a woman president.

Although the polls seem to change as quickly as the weather, the Huffington Post writes that the media realizes Clinton has a big lead in the presidential race. Apparently the former Secretary of State has “what to call Bill if I win the election” at the bottom of her to-do list right now. When Jimmy Kimmel asked her what she planned to call her husband if she gets elected, Clinton was stumped.

“We have to really work on what to call him… Would he be called the first man, first mate, first dude?”

Kimmel moved on to an easier question, and asked the former first lady what she thought about last week’s GOP debate that was hosted by CNBC. She stated that she was both “appalled and amused” by the debate and that she disagreed with much of what the candidates were saying. “I disagree with a lot of what they are saying,” Clinton stated. “I wish they would actually address the problems America is trying to face.”

Kimmel then brought up the fact that, despite her opposition to what the GOP candidates had to say during the debate, she still has some history with certain members of the Republican party, namely Donald Trump. Clinton acknowledged that she attended Trump’s wedding in 2005 and said she got along with him and other GOP rivals in the past. She then told Kimmel that when she is “not running for something,” Republicans say nice things about her, and she “tries to find some common ground” with them.

The highlight of Hillary Clinton’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night was when she met with four children who appeared to be between five and seven years old. In a segment called “Kimmel Kids: Out of Focus Group,” Jimmy asked the children what they thought about having a woman as president before Clinton came into the room. (see video below)

The two boys in the group said that they thought it wasn’t a good idea because she might “paint the White House pink” and “girls don’t have big muscles.”

“They’ll make like girl rules, like free makeup, and decorate the White House and make it all girly.”

The girls had a different view and were much more positive about having a woman president, especially when it came to answering Jimmy’s question about having a woman running the country during a war. One of the girls stated that it would be a good idea to have a woman in command of the troops because “she would make it stop so people could be more healthy and they won’t die.”

When Hillary Clinton walked into the room, the children had plenty of suggestions for her if she does make it into the White House. Making laws that would allow people to get free food and free toys topped their wish list.

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[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]