Jennifer Garner Not Dating Mystery Man But Through With Ben’s Rumored Bad Behavior

After Jennifer Garner was spotted out and about with a mystery man on Halloween, rumors began to surface that the star is dating the formerly unknown gentleman. However, the air has been cleared, and Gossip Cop has revealed that the man was obviously not a stranger to Garner or her children, as he was seen alongside them with his own little ones while trick or treating. The man has been identified as Jen’s neighbor whose own children are friends with Garner and Affleck’s kids

A source close to Jen stated to Gossip Cop that the man in question is “not anyone’s boyfriend.” Seeing as Garner and Affleck have been the focus of media attention for months now since their June 30 split, many rumors have made their way into headlines, such as this mystery man, and even stories of a possible fourth child for the pair had been a hot topic. The publication has also denounced these rumors as false. Although the pair is working on keeping their situation civil and amicable for their three children, it’s become clear that Jen is not open to reconciliation, as it has been reported that Ben is still behaving in the same way that he did before their split.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 24: Actress Jennifer Garner and actor-director Ben Affleck arrive at the Oscars at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 24, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Adding a nanny scandal that involved rumors of Ben’s infidelity with the couple’s former nanny to the mix did not help Jen feel eager to reconcile. Ben has been adamant that he did not cheat on Jen with the nanny but has apologized profusely for his role in allowing the rumors to start.

Recently, although Affleck has attended counselling with Jen and sought to change his ways for the sake of his family, reports have claimed that Ben is not succeeding at making the alterations he had hoped to accomplish. The behavior that has caused a rift in the two actors’ relationship and marriage involves Ben’s alleged alcoholism and flirtatious ways with women when he’s out. OK! relays the words of a source who claims that Ben has fallen back to this behavior.

“Jen believes that Ben’s been drinking and picking up women behind her back. Ben was doing so well. He was going to therapy twice a week and attending church with the family. This was Ben’s last shot to make things right and he didn’t. She’s done fighting the same fight.”

Regardless of Ben’s choices and alleged return to drinking and canoodling with various women, Jen is holding her head high and has made it clear that she is moving forward and onward from Affleck’s rumored bad choices. The star was pictured this week, looking radiant and cheerful, while not allowing Ben’s reported fallback to alter her mood.

International Business Times made note of this recently of Jen’s actions in continuing to carry out normal routines and stay focused for the sake of her children.

“On Thursday, the 43-year-old mother-of-three smiled as she strolled down the sidewalk with her six-year-old daughter, who was wearing her school outfit. Earlier in the day, Garner was reportedly spotted with her three-year-old son Samuel.”

The publication also relays that Garner appeared to be in a happy mood as she grocery shopped in Los Angeles, only a day after reports stated that the two’s chance for reconciling was over.

<> at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on October 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Jennifer Garner was pictured in a good mood, enjoying a visit to a grocery store in Los Angeles with her daughter Seraphina after school. Garner was spotted a day after a report claimed that chances of her reconciliation with Ben Affleck are over. Ben has made attempts to get things right, yet just seems to be stuck in his rut of alleged bad behavior, which leaves Jen no choice but to live her life free from his rumored shortfalls and false promises.

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