Chihuahua With Two Broken Legs Gets Pink Casts, Was Thrown Away In Dumpster Like Trash [Videos, Photos]

A Chihuahua with two broken legs was found in a dumpster located at the Santa Rosa Junior College campus. According to reports by the Santa Rosa Junior College Police Department (SRJC), the Chihuahua puppy was found inside the dumpster by a school employee. The Chihuahua was transported to a nearby animal hospital, where it was determined the puppy suffered from two broken legs.

The Sonoma County Animal Services and SRJC District Police Department are conducting a joint investigation into this act of animal cruelty and abuse. It is unknown how the Chihuahua came to have two broken legs or ended up in the dumpster. The Chihuahua did not have any identifying tags and was not microchipped, and it is unclear how old she is.

Due to the lack of information and evidence surrounding the case, the SRJC issued a public plea and hopes that someone will call the tip line and turn in the offender or offenders responsible for abusing the Chihuahua, breaking her legs, and throwing her away as if she were trash. While some are taking to social media networks to express their outrage, some are looking at the possibility that the Chihuahua’s legs were broken due to an accident and not intentional abuse.

The Press Democrat spoke to groundskeeper Syda Khaleck, who discovered the Chihuahua, and fellow groundskeeper Cheryl Sherwood, who arrived on the scene moments after Khaleck made the grim discovery. Sherwood offered a plausible explanation as to how the helpless puppy may have suffered her two broken legs.

“The only thing that I have come up with is maybe the dog is so small, and little dogs like that sometimes get stepped on or run over because people can’t see them.

“So my only speculation is that maybe this dog got hurt and this person couldn’t afford to take it to a vet, and didn’t know what else to do. Maybe they were stressed about it, weren’t thinking clearly.”

While it’s a nicer thought than someone intentionally breaking both of the Chihuahua’s legs, not everyone agrees that foul play wasn’t involved.

The Chihuahua, who remains unnamed, was treated and given two pink casts. Medical experts have said it is impossible to determine if the Chihuahua’s legs were broken intentionally or not. One thing is certain: The little puppy was thrown into a dumpster so there is no question that this Chihuahua was mistreated. Due to the attention the story is getting, offers to adopt the Chihuahua have begun to pour in. There is no word as to the Chihuahua’s disposition or if the traumatic events that led to the puppy being abandoned have resulted in any noticeable behavioral issues. Khaleck told the Press Democrat that when he found the puppy, he could tell that she was in a great deal of pain.

“While she was trying to move them, to position herself, she would start to cry. We could tell they were broken because they were just hanging from the first knuckle.”

With few leads and not much to go on, it is up to the public to solve this case and bring the person responsible for the Chihuahua’s abandonment, and if applicable, broken legs, to justice. If anyone has information on this case, they are asked to contact Sonoma County Animal Services Officer Justin Ofster at (707) 565-7100, with details. The SRJC District Police are asking campus residents to remain vigilant and alert to suspicious activity. If you saw anything suspicious or have information regarding the Chihuahua or how she came to have two broken legs, don’t delay and contact authorities immediately.

[Photo Credit/SRJC District Police Department]