WWE News: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins Injuries Knee At Live Event In The UK

Yesterday in the UK, WWE almost had a heart attack. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was performing in front of the live crowd with his opponent, Kane. It appeared as if they were doing a No DQ match or something of the sort. Rollins was on the top rope and jumped over Kane to do a powerbomb on him through the table laid out perfectly in front of the two men.

When Rollins came down, his knee buckled to the side. He recovered enough to get through the match, but he was not able to walk very well and had to be helped to the back. It was easily a freak accident, as Rollins has done some crazy things in the ring and never once saw an injury from it. This move alone was one that he and everyone else usually makes well.

As you can see in the video, Rollins simply landed wrong.

Seth Rollins came down and his knee went to the side, which clearly did not appear to be a good thing, as so many issues could have occurred. WWE has not commented on the Rollins injury, but word backstage was hopeful. The problem is that Rollins was not fully evaluated, according to PWInsider. Despite whether or not Rollins is hurt, he will most likely finish out the rest of the tour even if he’s there just to do a spot or a promo.

There are some who believe he is well enough to work.

Seth Rollins does not have a past filled with injuries. Similar to guys like Jeff Hardy, Rollins might be doing a lot of crazy things but never seemed to get hurt. However, eventually the luck runs out.

Rollins hurt [Image via Twitter-IamNotEloy]Rollins is expected to be evaluated very soon, and it would not be shocking if he missed a show or two on the UK Tour.

Some are saying that his issue is a simple sprain, however, a sprained knee is by no means something you can work on, as it can turn into a break due to his style. Rollins cannot do his high-flying moves with a bad leg, and he also risks hurting others when he picks them up since the legs are needed to help with balance and strength. There is far more harm that can be done to Rollins and those he faces if he goes in the ring with a bad leg in any way.

It would not be shocking if WWE had Seth Rollins stay to sign autographs or do promos but simply not wrestle the remainder of the tour.

While Seth Rollins is known for being tough and working through any issues, this particular injury may not be serious, but it could be if he does anything weird on it. It is simply not worth Rollins missing time for a while just to finish up live events. He can probably skip a few weeks and only do spots and would be perfectly fine by WWE Survivor Series, where he faces Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Rollins and Reigns [Image via WWE]They are expected to be the main event of the show, despite The Undertaker appearing in his 25th Survivor Series. Taker is expected to be in a multi-tag elimination match, which is a big tradition for the event. When it comes to Rollins, since he has yet to get fully evaluated and checked out, it is uncertain what WWE will do with him. WWE does have an “out” if Rollins finds himself too hurt to continue.

WWE could do a Money in the Bank cash-in on WWE RAW this Monday and have Sheamus go into Survivor Series as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He could lose to Roman Reigns there or simply hold onto it up to The Royal Rumble PPV and drop it back to Seth Rollins or someone else there.

This very well could be an easy way to turn Seth Rollins into a babyface, which the company has wanted to do for some time now. While it was thought before that they dropped the idea and decided on him potentially going up to WrestleMania 32 as champion and turning after that, due to the injury, The Authority could just turn on Rollins and have a good face turn right in there. Once he returns, fans would love seeing him get his revenge. Of course, this is all depending on the severity of Rollins’ injury.


Per ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman, Seth Rollins tore his ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus and will miss 6 to 9 months of action. WWE will be holding a tournament and a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned at WWE Survivor Series in a few weeks.

[Image via WWE]