Who Is Caila Quinn Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Season With Ben Higgins?

Caila Quinn is one of the bachelorettes on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season with Ben Higgins set to air this winter. From the sounds of Reality Steve’s spoilers for Season 20, Caila is making an impression on Ben, and viewers will definitely want to know more about her as the season airs. What’s the scoop on this bachelorette?

From the sounds of the scoop via Ok! Here’s the Situation, there is plenty to point toward this Bachelor 2016 season contestant being a gal who will make quite the impact this winter. Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Caila Quinn is 23-years-old and she lives in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. Caila attended Boston College Carroll School of Management and graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Quinn most recently worked as a business development associate for Reflexis Systems, according to her website.

Prior professional positions for Caila include working as a marketing and public relations intern for companies like PAN Communications, Preston Todd Advisors, TJX, and New Balance. She also previously worked as a camp counselor for the Longbridge English Camp.

Caila describes herself as someone who gets the day started with peppermint tea and some National Public Radio, and she says she is creative and passionate. Quinn went to Western Reserve Academy in Ohio, a private preparatory day and boarding school, and she studied abroad in Germany for a bit during her college years.

Quinn’s family consists of her parents, who are still married, and a brother, and the family seems to be very close. Though Caila lives in Massachusetts now, she’s originally from Ohio, and that’s where her family lives. According to Crain’s Cleveland Business, Caila’s father, Chris, was an executive vice president at New Balance for some time, but he moved to toy company Step2 last January and was recently named CEO.

Though Caila is all about business on her website, Bachelor spoilers indicate that she also has a profile with a few photos up from her college days on the site Hot or Not. She was active in quite a few activities during school, such as being a co-chair for the Boston College Asian Pacific American Heritage Month project.

Caila was involved in the Reserve Record at Western Reserve Academy, and her profile for the Boston College BC Splash described Quinn as being ambitious, creative, passionate, and personable. She taught English to students as she studied in Germany, and she was the president of the AHANA Management Academy.

Caila was treasurer for the Philippine Society at college, and she’s clearly a bachelorette who is social and outgoing, as well as one who likes to stay busy. It would seem that this Bachelor contestant has done a bit of modeling in the past, though in terms of a career, she definitely is focused on business.


Bachelor spoiler fans are definitely buzzing about Caila Quinn over on the Bach and Bachette Fan Forums. It seems that Caila comes from a very successful family, and she’s done quite a bit of traveling over the years.

Apparently, Caila did have a boyfriend whom she had dated for about a year up until this past summer. However, insiders have indicated that she was very excited specifically about the possibility of Higgins being the Bachelor lead this season and was thrilled to get the opportunity to join Season 20. It’s not entirely unusual for bachelors or bachelorettes joining the show to be recently single when they begin filming, but it will be interesting to see if this becomes an issue at all this winter as the show airs.

Quinn is said to be witty and charming, as well as an adventurous person who loves to live in the moment. Could she be the Bachelor 2016 season contestant to charm Ben Higgins to the point that she receives his final rose? Fans will have to stay tuned for more of Reality Steve’s spoilers to get the scoop on that front, but Steve’s Bachelor spoilers do tease that she’s one to watch this season.

ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season starring Ben Higgins premieres on January 4. Fans will be quite eager to check out Caila Quinn along with the rest of the bachelorettes to see just which lady captures Higgins’ final rose and heart in Season 20.

[Image via PAN Communications Instagram]