‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins’ Final 4 Ladies Revealed By Reality Steve

Ben Higgins is in the midst of filming ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season and per Reality Steve’s spoilers, the final four bachelorettes have now been determined. Though Steve’s earlier Bachelor spoilers had seemed to indicate one certain group of ladies who would get hometowns, his latest intel has detailed a bit of a shocker. What’s the scoop?

Reality Steve’s spoilers via his blog had shared that Ben Higgins and the final six ladies had headed to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, for dates. The final six, per Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, are Becca Tilley, Emily Ferguson, Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn, JoJo Fletcher, and Amanda Stanton.

Steve has further detailed that Ben and Lauren had a one-on-one date in Warsaw, then JoJo got an individual date with Ben that involved Wrigley Field in Chicago. There was also a group date for Higgins that included the Becca, Caila and Amanda. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Amanda got the group date rose, guaranteeing her a hometown date.

The individual dates at this point in filming do not have roses on them, though there are times where the lead will send someone home in a heartbreaking move at that point. Did that happen this time around? It seems it may well have. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Emily got a one-on-one date in Warsaw, but he sent her home before the rose ceremony.

The rose ceremony has taken place and Reality Steve’s spoilers break down Higgins’ final four. It seems that the Season 20 hometown date recipients are JoJo Fletcher, Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton and Lauren Bushnell.

The shocker here will be that Becca Tilley was seemingly eliminated in Warsaw. Though Steve had said many times that he did not expect Becca to make the final four, he had heard from numerous people in Becca’s inner circle that production was busy scheduling a hometown date for her. Despite the fact that Tilley’s family was getting ready for the big meet-and-greet, Higgins is said to have cut Becca just short of the big event.

Are Reality Steve’s spoilers right on Ben’s final four? Bachelor spoiler fans started wondering when Becca posted a tweet shortly after the time that many anticipated the rose ceremony to be taking place in Indiana.

However, there have been some decoy tweets from Tilley’s account during filming of this upcoming season, so nobody was sure initially. Though production could still be playing games, most would imagine that Becca will be back on social media quite soon in full force, reinforcing Steve’s Bachelor spoilers if he is indeed correct on this front.

Of these supposed Season 20 final four, who is considered a frontrunner for Ben’s final rose? Fans can’t necessarily decipher that as of yet, though Steve has said that he sees JoJo as a likely frontrunner for the Bachelorette set to film in the spring. In terms of which gal seems most likely to win Ben’s heart, fans will have to stay tuned a bit for answers.

Will Reality Steve’s spoilers regarding Ben Higgins’ final four be accurate this season? He usually nails the spoilers at this level, so most would bet this is the right list of bachelorettes heading to hometowns. The overnight fantasy suite dates, last chance dates, and final rose will be filming over the next couple of weeks and fans can’t wait to get the scoop on what happens. ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season premieres on January 4.

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