‘Gotham’ Taps A ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Star To Play The Knife?

Gotham is set to introduce an exciting new villain as the show continues in its second season. The new villain does not have a previous history in the DC Comics Universe, and will also bring a former Sons of Anarchy star to the hit series. With that in mind, Comic Book is reporting that Tommy Flanagan, who played Filip “Chibs” Telford in the hit biker drama, will join the series as The Knife.

In confirmation of this exciting news, Flanagan took to Twitter and announced that he would indeed be making his way to the set of Gotham. “I’m on the next flight to @gotham Send the #Batmobile. I’m driving. #IAintNoJoker @FOXTV #gotham #FOX #Batman,” the Sons of Anarchy alum wrote.

Along with his short message, Flanagan also posted a few pictures of himself on his social media account. The photos featured one head shot of Flanagan and an image of the show’s logo.

At the same time, Flanagan was also photographed while on set shortly after the announcement that the veteran actor would be playing a part in the series. The image, released by Comic Book Resources, features Flanagan talking to another member of the crew while filming for the current season.

Sons of Anarchy star Tommy Flanagan will join the cast of Gotham as The Knife. [Photo By Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

While Flanagan’s involvement in the popular series was announced back in October, it was not known what specific part he would play, though many suspected it would be a villain. Now that we know that he is set to play The Knife, there are a few more details about his character that shed some light on what fans can expect to see.

In fact, The Knife is one resident of Gotham that has a reputation for being particularly hazardous. His love for danger is concealed by a good deal of charm, humor, and style that make him one of the most dangerous hitmen the city has to offer. His skills are always for sale for those who can afford him, and he won’t hesitate to kill anyone, even after he’s wined and dined with them.

Although Gotham has a fair share of villains, Flanagan’s character is sure to be one of the scariest and more intense ones that the show has introduced as of late. However, little else is known about his storyline besides these general character details.

At the same time, although there have been a number of new faces introduced this season, Flanagan’s involvement should offer an added depth of terror to the series. This is especially true considering his past work on Sons of Anarchy, which should also attract new fans who have never managed to watch the show.

Tommy Flanagan starred alongside Charlie Hunnam for seven seasons on Sons of Anarchy. [Image via FX]

Flanagan is set to appear as The Knife during the 10th episode of the second season of Gotham. Fans can watch Flanagan in his new role in Gotham, which also stars Ben McKenzie, David Mazouz, and Donal Logue, as the show continues Monday nights on FOX.

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[Image via Fox]