‘Below Deck’: Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota Slams Eddie Lucas And Connie Arias, Declares Love For Leon Walker But Gets Slammed Back By Emile Kotze

Tuesday night’s episode of Below Deck found Raquel “Rocky” Dakota on the receiving end of some harsh words from Eddie Lucas and Connie Arias. As the episode aired, Rocky lashed out at Eddie and Connie on Twitter for talking badly about her. While Rocky now doesn’t think much of Eddie and Connie, she still misses her friend Leon Walker, who was fired from his chef job in the previous episode, as evidenced by a tweet that she posted that said she loves him.

Rocky retweeted a fan’s tweet that expressed hope that Eddie has apologized to Rocky for his treatment of her.

She then retweeted another fan’s tweet that told Eddie he shouldn’t have treated Rocky badly for his mistake and that he should have apologized instead of acting the way he did.

Rocky also retweeted a post that told Eddie he was mean and condescending to Rocky. The fan pointed out that Eddie was the one who had a girlfriend, not Rocky.

Tuesday night’s episode showed Eddie making a tearful phone call to his girlfriend, Amy, back home. He tells her that it’s been tough and that he adores her. However, it’s not clear whether he actually confessed to his girlfriend that he hooked up with Rocky, which was caught on camera, as most of the conversation was edited out. In an interview, Eddie said that he made a huge mistake, but the mistake doesn’t define who he is. He said that he does love Amy and doesn’t want to give up on her.

While Eddie Lucas had a confessional phone call with his girlfriend, he mostly ignored Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, giving her the cold shoulder. At one point, Rocky overhears Eddie making fun of her. Eddie then tells David Bradberry and Amy Johnson that he would never hook up with a co-worker. Later, at a group celebratory dinner, after it was said that they’re like one big dysfunctional family, Eddie joked that Rocky is like Emile Kotze’s crazy girlfriend he brought home to meet his family. Rocky storms off from the dinner table.

Back at the dinner table, Connie Arias slams Rocky.

“She is so f**king annoying to me. She drives me g*****ned nuts. Attention grabbing…Like I just can’t f**king deal with her loud a** mouth.”

Eddie agrees with Connie that Rocky is annoying and drives him nuts too. Emile, who had feelings for Rocky, shot Connie a death stare.

As she watched the scene, Rocky tweeted that Connie back stabbed her.

Surprisingly, Connie responded. Connie tweeted that she did tell Rocky how she felt. Connie also revealed that the cast is filming the Below Deck Season 3 reunion show this Saturday.