Star Wars Jar Jar Binks Fan Theory Goes Viral As Fans Speculate On His Return In ‘The Force Awakens’

A new fan theory went viral over who the latest Sith Lord is. One fan formulated the theory that Star Wars: The Phantom Menace character Jar Jar Binks is not the good guy everyone thinks he is. According to the theory, Jar Jar Binks is actually a Sith Lord and will return in the latest Star Wars installment, The Force Awakens.

Is Jar Jar Binks the new Sith Lord in the new Star Wars Movie, The Force Awakens?
Is Jar Jar Binks the new Sith Lord in the new Star Wars Movie, The Force Awakens? [Photo Credit Shelly Wall/Shutterstock]

According to the Tech Times, the theory poses the idea that Jar Jar Binks is the evil mastermind behind the formation of the Empire, or at least in league with Emperor Palpatine. Posted on Reddit by Redditer “Lumpawarroo,” the theory lays out in meticulous detail providing one piece of evidence after another evidence to prove the theory.

George Lucas has created major plot twists like this before that fans didn’t see coming. It started with the original trilogy, where Darth Vader reveals that he is Luke’s father. The scene revealing Vader’s relationship to Luke Skywalker were filmed in secret to keep fans in suspense. “Lumpawarroo” said that Lucas was trying to outdo himself with a new surprise twist in the prequels.

“As we know, the Jedi themselves are inspired by Shaolin Monks and there’s a particular kung fu discipline that Jar Jar’s physicality is purposefully modeled upon which allows him to appear goofy and uncoordinated even as he lays waste to his enemies; namely, Zui Quan, or Drunken Fist wushu.”

“Lumpawarroo” compared the movements of Jar Jar Binks with that of the Drunken Fist Master. He also cited the ways that Jar Jar subtly manipulated Anakin Skywalker as well as the fact that Jar Jar and the Emperor are from the same home planet of Naboo. Fan reaction to the character was largely negative, though, and because of it, “Lumpawarroo” said that George Lucas chickened out and didn’t follow through in Episodes 2 and 3 of the Star Wars trilogy.

“I think that Jar Jar was initially intended to be the prequel (and Dark Side) equivalent of Yoda. Just as Yoda has his ‘big reveal’ when we learn that his tottering, geriatric goofball persona is just a mask, Jar Jar was intended to have a big reveal in Episode II or III where we learn that he’s not really a naive dope, but rather a master puppeteer Sith in league with (or perhaps in charge of) Palpatine. However, [Lucas] chickened out. The fan reaction to Jar Jar was so vitriolic that this aspect of the trilogy was abandoned.”

UPROXX reported that Jar Jar Binks is the most reviled character in the Star Wars Universe, and that this was the worst possible fate for Jar Jar Binks. They also reported that it was the relationship between the Emperor Palpatine and Jar Jar that made this theory possible even though it sounds so outlandish.

Fan theory says that Jar Jar Binks is really a Sith Lord
Fan theory says that Jar Jar Binks is really a Sith Lord [Photo Credit samzsolti/Shutterstock]

Fans will have to wait to find out if Jar Jar Binks is really an evil Sith collaborator as “Lumpawarroo” claims, because Star Wars: The Force Awakens won’t be released until December 18 in the U.S. Quite a few spoilers for the new movie have been revealed, and there has been much speculation about the death of a beloved character in the new movie. Many fans have speculated that Han Solo will die, while some believe that it will be Han Solo’s beloved friend, Chewbacca.

Do you believe that Jar Jar Binks is an evil Sith collaborator? Do you expect to see Jar Jar Binks return to the Star Wars universe in this new role?

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