Texas Teen Stabbed In Shower In Psycho-Like Fashion, Neighbor Stomps In And Kills Attacker

A Texas teen was stabbed to death while taking a shower at his home in an attack reminiscent of the classic horror movie Psycho. The attacker was then killed by the teen’s neighbor, who stomped into the house and shot the intruder.

According to New York Daily News, Tyler Wade, a 17-year-old high school football player, was taking a shower at his Tomball house when Pedro Sanchez, 21, walked in to the house through an unlocked door. At the time of the incident, the Texas teen’s 12-year-old sister was the only other person in the house, and she also witnessed the surreal crime unfolding in front of her.

Though it is not yet certain if the two Texas teens – Wade and Sanchez – knew each other, Harris County Sheriff’s Office concedes that it remains a possibility.

When Wade’s younger sister watched Sanchez enter the house wearing rubber gloves and toting a baseball bat, she knew something was fishy. The girl watched Sanchez as he made his way upstairs to Wade’s room. She followed Sanchez to the bathroom where Wade was taking a shower, and in a truly horrific episode, watched him stab her brother repeatedly in what would remind many of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 classic Psycho.

It is not clear if Sanchez meant to attack the younger sister as well, but according to KHOU, she went rushing to seek help as her brother lay in a pool of blood. At around the same time, the Texas teen’s neighbor stomped into the house with his shotgun and killed Sanchez as he allegedly lunged at him.

A Texas teen was repeatedly stabbed in an attack reminiscent of Psycho.

“The 12-year-old went over to the neighbor and said someone is stabbing my brother. He retrieved a weapon, went next door,” said Sgt. Cedrick Collier.

According to investigators, the neighbor, an off-duty firefighter, went upstairs and ordered Sanchez to drop the knife, but when he failed to comply and tried to lunge at him, the neighbor killed the teen with a single shot. It is not yet known if the neighbor will be charged with homicide.

The Texas teen’s mother, Amy Wade, was devastated with her son’s death. “He was a fabulous kid with an incredible sense of humor,” she said. “We are all better for having him in our lives. He was a true joy.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of students gathered Tuesday at the Tomball Memorial High School, where Wade studied. According to his classmates, the Texas teen was a cheerful boy who was very popular in the school for playing football. Maya Avila, one of his friends, said nobody at the school can quite believe what must have gone wrong for someone to have killed him the way he did.

“It’s rough but we have to get through it. The whole school is really mourning together.. Really nice guy, everybody knew him as helpful. He was just a happy spirit.”

Though rumors have been rife about the possible reasons for the teen’s death, none of the reports can be confirmed, and one will have to wait to see what really transpired for the 21-year-old Sanchez to walk into Wade’s house with a knife and repeatedly stab him in the chest. However, Sgt. Collier did suggest that the two of them had known each other before the incident, according to Chron.

“It (the slaying) does not appear to be random,” Collier reiterated.

In another twist to the tale, KPRC 2 managed to gain access to Sanchez’s father, who said the news media outlets have reported the whole incident in a way that eulogizes Tyler Wade and creates a monster out of his son.

“They want to portray Tyler as this great kid,” he said. “My son was great, too. He was in college, he was getting ready to join the military. He had his life together. That other kid [Wade] came over and attacked him first. That is a fact and that’s not being reported on the news. OK, I want everybody to know that. It started with the other kid.”

In the aftermath of the incident, Tomball ISD spokesperson Dr. Staci Stanfield released a statement rueing the death of the Texas teenager.

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