Halloween Trick-Or-Treating Turns Into Real-Life Horror Scene After Car Plows Into Sidewalk – Killing Three People, Including 10-Year-Old Girl

A day of trick-or-treating turns into a real-life horror scene after a car plows into a sidewalk – killing three people, including 10-year-old Nyanna Aquil, according to NY Daily News. Just before 5 p.m. on Saturday, a group of New York trick-or-treaters and their older relatives were walking on the sidewalk in the Morris Park neighborhood in the Bronx when a black Dodge Charge, driven by 52-year-old Howard Unger, veered out of control, jumped a curb, and struck them before smashing into a fence in front of a home.

Witnesses say the aftermath was like a scene from a horror movie, with mangled, bloodied bodies disseminated on the grass. One woman, Kristina DeJesus, who was at the scene said, “The guy in front of my feet, his body was torn in half. He was dead already. There was a young girl on the side of the car. She was like, ‘Can somebody help me?’ I was screaming at her, ‘Whatever you do, don’t move!'”

“I had no time to cry… to react. My body went into help mode.”

Another witnesses said, “You just go automatically into a rescue mode… When I saw the amputated body, I just covered him completely because I didn’t want other kids to see him.”

Three were killed in the Halloween crash, including a grandfather, Louis Perez, 65, and his granddaughter Nyanna. According to the Wall Street Journal, Louis had been walking on the sidewalk with his three granddaughters, taking them trick-or-treating while his daughter Natalia Perez, 37, was at work. The veteran attempted to move his granddaughters out of the path of Unger’s vehicle, but was unsuccessful with Nyanna. She was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center, but later died of her injuries. Louis was pronounced dead at the scene after sustaining head injuries.

Aquil’s two younger sisters – Sanaya and Yasmina – survived the horrifying crash, but Yasmina was also rushed to Jacobi Medical Center with minor injuries and was later released. Natalia says “He was definitely a hero” Saturday night. He died getting them out of the way. He told them to watch out and he pushed one of them out of the way.”

Louis wife, Miriam, was shaken by the tragic death of her husband and said that she and her family are “just trying to hold on.” She added that Louis “was the greatest grandfather in the world. He picked up his granddaughters every day from school, he fed them and took care of them. He was so loved by them. They adored him. He will be sorely missed.”

“My daughter was the best daughter in the world. She never gave me any trouble. She loved to dance. She wanted to be a dancer or a Disney star. She was a beautiful, beautiful girl,” said Natalia. “It was all because my dad wanted to take my girls for a second round of trick-or-treating. Isn’t that crazy? I had already taken the girls earlier.”

Another victim, Kristian Leka, 24, who was among the trick-or-treaters walking on the sidewalk, was also run down. Leka was taking his 10-year-old sister Fiona trick-or-treating when he quickly “jumped out in front of her” and pushed his sister to safety when he saw Unger’s speeding car. The push saved Fiona’s life but she did, however, suffer a broken arm and was transferred to a local hospital. Unfortunately, Leka was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to his uncle Lulsh Kanaj, “The car came up very fast and he pushed her out of the way. The car hit him and he went into the wall. His head was crushed. I don’t know what caused the driver to do this.”

New York police officials say the driver of the vehicle that killed three trick-or-treaters may have suffered a seizure as a result of his medical condition. Unger was transferred to a local hospital in stable condition and “no charges have been announced as of Sunday.”

However, moments after the horrifying crash, witness Laurie Grey said that “People were trying to get to him, screaming and yelling” as he sat injured in his vehicle that was teetering on a brick wall. “He was more scared than anything else because people were trying to threaten him,” she added.

An investigation is underway.

[Image via YouTube screen capture]