Photos Of ‘Forest Boy’ Released, Identity Still Unknown

Authorities in Berlin released photos today of the forest boy, an English-speaking teenager who mysteriously appeared in Berlin nine months ago, in an attempt to identity him.

Police in Berlin have already made several attempts to identify the boy, including sending DNA samples to Interpol, but have not had any luck.

Police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf said:

“We have checked his DNA against all missing person reports, sent the data to Interpol so that they could check it internationally, but unfortunately without any success.”

The forest boy claims that he was wandering in the forest for five years. According to CBS, the boy says that his father called him “Ray” and that he was born on June 20th, 1994. The boy said that his father took him into the woods five years ago after his mother was killed in a car accident. When his father died in August, 2011, the boy went looking for help and wound up walking into Berlin.

Authorities have not been able to find the boy’s dead father in the woods and they haven’t been able to find record of his mother’s car accident.

Neuendorf said:

“There are many question marks.”

Police released photos of the forest boy today hoping that someone may recognize him and provide information about his identity.

Authorities also believe that the boy’s story may not be completely true. According to Neuendorf, the boy took to city life (using technology, going to school) very quickly. He also spoke English upon arriving in the city but quickly took up German.

Neuendorf said:

“Everything gives the impression that he was not far away from civilization for years.”

The boy is currently being taken care of youth services in Berlin.