Rihanna Rejects A Song From Adele, Cancels Victoria’s Secret Appearance Amid ‘ANTI’ Album Delay

Rihanna may be searching for fresh talent to help her pen a chart-topping hit for her upcoming album, ANTI, but it looks like Rihanna is also rejecting some big names when it comes to selecting tracks for her highly anticipated album.

Just one day after Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, revealed to media outlets that Rihanna has yet to complete work on her eighth studio album, ANTI, singer-songwriter Sia is speaking out about her plans to release a new track that was originally written for Adele and later rejected by Rihanna.


Speaking to Ryan Seacrest, via the Mirror, Sia admits that Rihanna “snubbed” the chance to record a track that was co-written by herself and Adele for Adele’s comeback album, 25.

Sia explains that she will be releasing the rejected track, titled “Alive,” as her own single, but notes that Rihanna “passed” on the opportunity to record the track after Adele cut it from her own album.

Sia reveals to Seacrest that “Alive” didn’t make the cut for Adele’s 25 album, but that she was highly interested in Rihanna taking on the song for her ANTI album.

“I said to [Adele], ‘Do you mind if I pitch it to, say, Rihanna?’ And she said, ‘Yeah, but can you take my vocal off it because I don’t want my vocal floating around out there on a demo.’ “

Sia further explains that while everyone encouraged her to not give the track away, she sent it off to Rihanna’s people, who later “passed on the song,” albeit admitting it wasn’t really Rihanna’s style.

“We sent it to her, but it’s not really her so I don’t know why I thought that. It is a smash, but she’s a little more edgy.”

Sia and Adele aren’t the only artists to come forward regarding their experience with being “passed” on for Rihanna’s ANTI album; Calvin Harris, Diplo, and Grimes have all spoken out about their own tracks that have been rejected by Rihanna for her album that later went on to be massive radio hits.


The news of Rihanna’s rejection of Sia and Adele’s track, “Alive,” comes just one day after Rihanna’s father devastated Rihanna fans with the news of ANTI‘s further delay.

Fenty spoke to the Sun about Rihanna’s struggles to complete ANTI as Rihanna nears the three-year mark since releasing her last album, Unapologetic, admitting that his daughter is “worried” and “unhappy” with ANTI despite unveiling the cover art for the project last month.


While sources close to Rihanna have fueled rumors of a late-November release for Rihanna’s new album, Fenty alleges that Rihanna hasn’t even completed ANTI.

“[Rihanna] is not happy with the new album. She’s not comfortable with it.”

Rihanna’s father goes on to note that Rihanna began having second thoughts about the tracks she selected for ANTI, prompting her to further search for “fresh material” in order to complete the 26 tracks that are reportedly planned for Rihanna’s album.

Fenty concludes by noting that there is a mix of “mellow songs” and “hip-hop vibes” planned for ANTI, but alleges that it could be as late as 2016 before Rihanna is finished work on her album.

Just one day after Rihanna’s father seemingly confirmed fans’ fears of a further delay for Rihanna’s ANTI album, sources close to Rihanna revealed to People Magazine that Rihanna has cancelled her previously scheduled performance for this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in order to complete work on ANTI.


Ellie Goulding is reportedly stepping-in to replace Rihanna as the show’s third performer alongside The Weeknd and Selena Gomez. The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is set to take place in New York City and begins taping next week.

What do you think of Rihanna’s decision to cancel her appearance on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

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