Rihanna ‘Unhappy’ With New Album? ‘BBHMM’ Singer’s Dad Says ‘ANTI’ Is Not Finished

Rihanna may have unveiled the cover art for her eighth studio album, ANTI, last month, but it appears Rihanna is not quite ready to release her highly anticipated album just yet.

According to Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, Rihanna is struggling to complete work on ANTI because she’s “unhappy” with the current group of songs that had been previously selected to appear on the album.


Rihanna’s father spoke to the Sun regarding Rihanna’s struggle to release ANTI after a nearly three-year hiatus, telling the paper that Rihanna is just not happy with what has been completed on the project thus far.

“Robyn is not happy with the album. She’s not comfortable with it.”

Rihanna’s father further explains that when Rihanna reviewed the previously finalized album, she “found all these little things she wanted to change and was worried about it.”

Fenty defended his daughter, saying, “It’s a long process and isn’t easy.”

Her father went on to reassure eager Rihanna fans that there is a handful of tracks Rihanna likes for her ANTI album, but he admits that Rihanna “doesn’t know which of the 26 songs to use.”

Rihanna’s father goes on to note that Rihanna has been busy in the recording studio and has a plethora of songs to choose from, but it appears Rihanna is simply struggling to select the 26 best tracks to feature on ANTI.


“She’s still looking for fresh material,” Fenty further explains, solidifying previous rumors that suggested Rihanna was searching for British writing talent to help her deliver an anthem similar to that of 2011’s “We Found Love” with Calvin Harris.

Fenty further dishes that Rihanna has recorded some “nice, mellow songs,” which he compares to Rihanna’s track “Diamonds” from her Unapologetic album. He also reveals that ANTI will have some “hip-hop vibes” to round out the record.

While Rihanna’s dad is confident that the singer will “hit it out of the park” with ANTI, Rihanna’s fans are not too happy with the most recent update regarding ANTI’s further delay.

Rumors regarding a November release date for Rihanna’s new album have been circulating since Rihanna unveiled ANTI’s cover art in October.


Rihanna has historically dropped her four previous albums in November, leading some to anticipate a late November release for Rihanna’s album. However, with Rihanna’s father essentially confirming that ANTI has yet to be completed, it looks as though Rihanna’s album may be seeing an early 2016 release instead.

News of Rihanna’s struggle to complete ANTI comes just days after sources close to Rihanna revealed that she is in talks to sign a $25 million deal with Samsung to promote ANTI and its subsequent tour.

Billboard reports that while several outlets are claiming that the partnership is a done deal, sources close to Rihanna insist that “it’s not completely done just yet,” seemingly aligning with Rihanna’s father’s claims that ANTI isn’t finished.

The latest update regarding Rihanna’s ANTI album release comes just days after Rihanna’s rumored boyfriend, Travis Scott, sent Rihanna fans into a frenzy with an Instagram message that seemed to tease ANTI’s impending arrival.


Travis Scott changed his Instagram bio to not only promote the release of his own album, Rodeo, but to tell fans that Rihanna’s ANTI album is coming “sooner,” seemingly backing up rumors of a November release.

In addition, Rihanna’s uncharacteristic absence from social media has led some fans to believe that the singer is prepping for a surprise release for ANTI, but it appears that Rihanna is simply taking some time away from Instagram and Twitter to complete her album.

In fact, Rihanna admitted in an interview with NME that she can’t go on social media without being harassed about a release date for ANTI by her own fans.

“No matter what I post online, within three comments there’s somebody saying, ‘Where is R8‘? I could post anything. Nothing else matters. They don’t care about anything but that.”

What do you think of Rihanna’s father’s comments about ANTI’s delayed release?

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