‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’: Leaked Details About Kim Richards’ Return To The Show

As the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills nears wrapping another season, some inside details have leaked over Kim Richards’ return to the show. She was fired from RHOBH earlier this year after being arrested twice and going in-and-out of rehab, but she appears in at least one episode this year.

Radar Online reports on the scoop surrounding the return of Kim Richards during a season finale party that her sister, Kyle Richards, held at her La Quinta home. The big question: Did she remain sober while filming?

Taping for Real Housewives occurred over Halloween weekend. Other RHOBH stars were there as well, including Lisa Rinna, Camille Grammer, and Lisa Vanderpump. A source said that Kyle threw the party since it was the last time the cast would be together until the reunion is filmed in several months. This was also the first time in almost a year that Kim and Lisa Rinna were in the same place together. There was no drama on that end because Lisa was excited to see Kim since she’d been a little worried for her regarding all of her legal problems recently.

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 30: TV personalities Kyle Richards and Kim Richards attend REVOLT and The National Cable and Kyle and Kim Richards (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images).

The main difference in this setting than other parties thrown on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is that there was no wine.

It was noted that Kim and Lisa “spoke quietly in a corner,” a source said. The pair “will never be close, but Lisa wanted to put their beef behind them once and for all. For the rest of the party, Kim was very, very quiet. There was no drinking or bizarre behavior.”

Producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were reportedly desperate for some last-minute drama, so they brought in Kim Richards. Seems like a good strategy since Kim was terminated from the show after all of her legal issues.

It’s hard to know if Kim’s return was everything producers wanted since nothing dramatic occurred between Kim and Kyle. Last season, the sisters weren’t getting along at all, and they even stopped speaking to each other for several months. In the latest filming of RHOBH, the two put their differences aside. A source said that Kim and Kyle been “working on repairing their fractured relationship. Kim is sober and is coming to grips with all of the havoc she caused. Kyle is forgiving, but a lot has gone down that she just won’t be to forgive.”

As the report goes on to say that it wasn’t a “total snoozefest.” There were some “explosive fireworks” between Rinna and another cast member. This person’s identity hasn’t been revealed, but the insider says that fans will be “shocked at Lisa Rinna’s feud with another one of the ladies. It gets very intense, and fans will be forced to choose sides.”

Every season, drama escalates with at least one of the ladies and another cast member. Who’ll be on Lisa’s list this season?

Apparently, there were a lot of reports circulating that Kim Richards, 51, had reached the absolute bottom and was sleeping and living inside her car. Those reports were refuted by E! News with a source saying that no one she knows would allow her to be homeless.

“She was never homeless or living out of her car. After rehab, she had to quickly move out of the place she had been renting because the owner of the house decided to sell it. So she had a lot of stuff stored in her SUV.

“People made assumptions she was living out of her car. She wasn’t. She stayed at Kathy [Hilton’s] for a bit and she was also in a hotel. No one would ever let her be homeless.”

 Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images).

The now-former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star plans to move into a new home in December.

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