Chris Brown Sets Floor On Fire With Tinashe In Dance Showdown For ‘Player’ Music Video

American recording artist Chris Brown starred in the video of Tinashe’s upcoming single, “Player,” which was posted on YouTube on Monday.

The video featured not only Tinashe’s curves and toned muscles, but also her impressive dancing skills. The music clip adopted a video game theme that was literally based on the song title.

In the video, Tinashe is seen showing her moves on the dance floor against several dancers who specialize in different genres. It appears that the dancers are not only trying to beat her in dance, but are also vying for her heart.

The singer-songwriter manages to keep up with them and beat them at their own game, as the video shows. She even has a showdown with a fellow female dancer before moving on to the video’s finale.

However, when R&B sensation Chris Brown takes his turn in the final battle, the video turns into a physical and steamy collaboration by the two artists.

In a review by TIME, the dance showdown and choreography between the two are so steamy and sexed-up that one might lose “track of the score.”

In the clip, Brown wants to prove to Tinashe that he’s not a player like the other dancers she faced earlier. However, even after proving his point, a force field separates him from the singer.

Emil Nava, who is known for his unique ideas in music videos that he has conceptualized for other well-known artists including Jennifer Lopez, Ellie Goulding, and Calvin Harris, directed the music video. In spite of the lack of spotlight on Brown to showcase his own dance moves, the video is still full of eye candy in Tinashe, and her distinct vocals really fill the background.

This is not the first time Tinashe has turned heads because of her insane dance skills and flexibility. In an interview, the “2 On” singer said that choreography and “highly athletic dancing” are a constant in her live shows and performances as an artist.

“With like Janet Jackson, that was always so important for me in artists and something that I always loved,” she said.

Tinashe also added that she has observed in recent years how young artists bring something fresh, and a “really, really well-thought-out and entertaining live show.”

As a result, Jackson herself handpicked Tinashe to join Ciara and Jason Derulo to pay tribute to her music as she received BET’s Ultimate Icon: Music Dance Visual Award earlier this year.

It was also another jump-start that Tinashe needed to boost for her budding career. Her debut album, Aquarius, made it to the Billboard 100 last year, making its debut at no. 17. “All Hands on Deck,” a single from her debut album, was also considered eye-catching due to its unique concept.

Meanwhile, her follow-up album, Joyride will be released this year, and will feature “Player” with Chris Brown, as well as collaborations with other artists such as Max Martin, Dev Hynes, and Dr. Luke.

“I have so many sides to me and things that I want to represent,” she added.

Before making it big, Tinashe had only released mix tapes that she did in her home studio. Her two mix tapes, In Case We Die and Reverie, received acclaim from music critics. The second of the two was released as her first work for RCA after she signed with the label in July 2012.

Aside from being a singer and songwriter, Tinashe is also a model and actress. She starred in The Polar Express with Tom Hanks and appeared on TV in Cora Unashamed in 2000. She also had a recurring role in 2008 and 2009 in Two and a Half Men.

Meanwhile, with the chemistry showed by both Tinashe and Chris Brown in the video, it wouldn’t be surprising if they make a collaboration again in the future.

[Images by Bennitt Raglin, Ethan Miller; Getty Images]