Yakima, Washington Bans Thong Underwear in "Cleavage of the Buttocks" Crackdown

Duncan Riley

Yakima Washington's town council has approved changes to the town's indecent exposure laws, banning thong underwear and see through clothing in public.

With the proliferation of coffee houses in the city employing service staff wearing provocative see through clothing and thong underwear, Yakima city council has altered it's indecent exposure laws to combat the practice. The change was approved by the council and means that anyone in public wearing see-through clothing, a thong or a G-string "regardless of whether they are working at a coffee stand" could be prosecuted by law enforcement for a misdemeanor violation.

Let's hope the rest of North America doesn't adopt this extreme law. How would you feel if your city's police force were the new "What Not to Wear" police? What's next - police telling we can't wear socks with sandals?