Hugh Laurie Nabs Villain Role in Robocop

Fans of Dr. House have been wondering what’s up next for the man behind the eight year character with the signature limp and a self-deprecating tone. Well now, it looks like Hugh Laurie is concentrating on film roles instead of television.

It was announced earlier today that the British actor Laurie is in negotiations to take on the villain role in the reboot of Robocop. The remake will be based off of the MGM classic 1978 action film. Laurie is said to play an evil and mega rich CEO of Omnicorp, which is the corporation in control of robocop and the machine human hybrid.

In addition to Hugh Laurie if negotiations go through, he will be joining the legend Gary Oldman, who has been cast as the creator of robocop, and Samuel L. Jackson who is playing a quick-witted media mogul. Seems like a top-notch cast already.

This version of Robocop will be directed by Jose Padilha, and will see Joel Kinnaman (The Killing) as the lead man otherwise known as robocop. In the original, the cop Alex Murphy survived death and turned into a cyborg robocop that no one wanted to mess with.

Currently the British actor is represented by WME and Hamilton Hodell, the latter of which is located in the UK. Laurie’s role in the Fox drama House M.D. lead the actor to receive five Emmy nominations. The last film he appeared in was titled The Oranges and the Stuart Little series.

Are you excited to see Hugh Laurie on the big screen?