Dez Bryant Denies Saying ‘That’s What The F*** He Gets’ About Ricardo Lockette Hard Hit [Video]

Dez Bryant has strongly reacted against a Vine video that purports to show Bryant saying “That’s what the f*** he gets” in the direction of Ricardo Lockette after Ricardo took a hard hit that left him initially motionless on the field.


First off, Ricardo took a hard hit that knocked him down to the field and left Lockette leaving the field in a stretcher and putting up the “L” sign to let fans know he was okay.

In the midst of all the melee and prayers for Lockette emerged a video of Dez Bryant appearing to tell Ricardo “That’s what the f*** he gets” after Lockette was felled by the hard hit. In the Vine video, Bryant’s word have been slowed down so that the words that appear to be said to Ricardo after his hard hit from Jeff Heath seem to say that’s what Lockette deserved. Others who have viewed the video think Bryant may have said there should’ve been a flag on the play.

Viewers are re-examining the footage of Dez to try and determine what Bryant actually said. Meanwhile, Dez took to Twitter to blast his critics. It’s unknown if Bryant would’ve known the extent of Ricardo’s injuries immediately upon witnessing the hard hit, and upon realizing the extent of the injuries, then Dez may have understood the depth of his fellow NFL player’s pain.

However, Dez is saying that’s not the case and is blaming the media for slicing together snippets of videos, with Bryant claiming he said no such thing after Lockette’s hard hit. Because of the buzz over the Vine video, Bryant went off on a group of reporters after the Cowboys lost to the Seahawks, reports USA TODAY.

On Twitter, Dez had published a tweet about the melee, but that post has been deleted. However, Dez’s Twitter words were captured before the Twitter tweet was deleted.

dez bryant twitter
[Image via Twitter]

“Say this is some bull****…I got on one knee and prayed for Lockette. I would never in my f****** life to do some s*** like that.”

It isn’t clear why Bryant had a change of heart and deleted the Twitter rant, perhaps due to the expletives it contained. Nevertheless, Bryant saved his expletives for a group of reporters later. Dez launched into a tirade at a group of reporters, telling them to stay away from him. Bryant made it clear that he wasn’t happy that Lockette got hurt, and Dez says that instead, he prayed for Ricardo.

Warning: The below video of Dez cursing contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

“Stay the (expletive) away …Why don’t you all get the (expletive) out of here? This is our (expletive) locker room. You (expletive) dirty (expletive). I won’t ever, ever, ever wish bad on a player that’s been knocked down. Not once did I say, ‘That’s what you get.’ I got on one knee and prayed for that man. I got on one knee and prayed for him. Don’t put clips together and do that.”

On YouTube, various video clips that purport to show Dez saying that’s what Lockette gets after the hard hit are proliferating, even as Bryant denies making that statement. What’s being called trash talking on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media outlets by Bryant is being called out and out lies by Dez, who insists that he would not say such a thing about a fellow NFL player who has suffered an injury such as the one Ricardo suffered after taking the hard hit. Thankfully, recent reports say that Lockette didn’t appear to suffer any paralysis from the hard hit.

Bryant’s tirade is making the news from ESPN‎ to NBC Sports and beyond, as Dez denies the allegations.

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