Ricardo Lockette Hit: Dez Bryant, ‘That’s What F*** He Gets’ – Injured Player Later Taken Off Field [Video]

Ricardo Lockette took a big hit on the field on Sunday, one that left the wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks strapped to a stretcher and initially not moving on the field. However, there are words attribute to Dez Bryant about Ricardo’s hard hit that are making the news as well, with Dez going off on reporters, cursing and saying he didn’t say the words apparently captured in the below video.

Plenty of prayers were going out for Ricardo as worried-looking NFL players stood on the sidelines and NFL fans looked on for movement from Lockette.

The video page of Twitter shows plenty of footage of the hard hit on Lockette, and a surprising video of Dez Bryant telling Ricardo “That’s what the f*** he get” after Lockette was laid out as a result of that hard hit. The hit from Jeff Heath on Lockette is being called a “death hit” and a “hard hit” and plenty of other terms on social media.

On the Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) Twitter account, Ricardo was praised for giving the thumbs up and the #LOB “L” sign while Lockette was carted off the field, letting his fans know he would be okay. With no initial movements beyond Lockette speaking, it was a relieving sign to see Ricardo able to move his arms and hands.

The “L” sign flashed by Ricardo doesn’t stand for “loser” but “Love our brothers,” as written on the Seahawks’ Twitter page. As a result, LOB is currently trending on Twitter with plenty of tweets.

Prayers for Ricardo are being proliferated across social media as well, while hashtags of folks seeking prayers for Lockette to recover are rife on social media. The hard hit taken by Ricardo Lockette is seen in videos from plenty of vantage points that show the player immediately hitting the field and not moving.

The 29-year-old Lockette was signed by the Seahawks back in 2011, as an undrafted free agent. The hit on Lockette wraps up a week that was filled with plenty of injuries in the NFL, and the former Fort Valley State University football player prompted plenty of worried feelings by bringing up the potential danger that can result from hard hits such as the one he took took on Sunday.

As for updates to Lockette’s health, reports that while Ricardo may have a concussion, he still has full movement of his body in the wake of that hard hit. This is great news for those who were worried that the hard hit left any kind of paralysis for Ricardo. Boyle is the digital media reporter for the Seattle Seahawks.

Press box announcement said Ricardo Lockette has a concussion, but has full movement.

Initially, Boyle had reported on Ricardo taking that frightening hard hit that caused the player to be carted off the field. Lockette was talking to doctors and was moving his hands, a certain sign that put paralysis fears to rest — or at least abated them as Ricardo was carted off the field. The #LOB sign gave NFL fans even more hope, meaning that not only did Ricardo have the use of his hands and arms after the hard hit, but that Lockette had the presence of mind to throw up the “love our brothers” L-sign to let fans know he was okay.

At first it appeared that Lockette was pointing upward toward the sky, a sign that plenty of NFL players, athletes, and celebrities use to give credit to God.

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