WWE News: Update On Rusev's Injury And How Long He'll Be Out, Is Lana Coming Back With Him?

WWE Superstar Rusev has been no stranger to injuries this past year. He was hurt earlier in the year and missed a great deal of in-ring time when he hurt his ankle. This led to WWE forcing the grappler to wear shoes over the random taped look he was using beforehand. Rusev now finds himself injured yet again, this time a minor bicep injury.

The exact injury is to his proximal bicep tendon, which does not appear to need surgery. WWE claimed that he will be missing about three to four weeks of in-ring action. WWE had Rusev work television during his last injury, so they very well could do that again. However, now that WWE announced the injury he very well could remain out. Rusev was hurt at last week's WWE SmackDown taping in Phoenix, Arizona.

There is some hope he'll be ready to return by WWE Survivor Series. WWE is planning on doing a second traditional elimination tag match, and they very well could use a heel team potentially captained by Sheamus. Since Bad News Barrett, Rusev, and Sheamus have tagged together, the internet has gone crazy with love for the trio. There was even rumored to be a team name according to Barrett, The European Ultras.

European Ultras

While WWE has not yet commented on the name nor has it been made official on WWE programming, it does appear that WWE will be going forward with the idea.

This is most likely to help the trio leading into Survivor Series. On top of this, it gives all three something to do. Barrett and Rusev are kind of falling off and Sheamus is the Money in the Bank winner, but he has not yet been elevated to a legit threat yet. He could use a team to help him get there. Rusev could be back just in time for Survivor Series to help his teammates at the event.

They might go for other Europeans for the team as well, but some of the more logical names like Cesaro may not jump at the chance to be part of the group. Others on the roster include Adam Rose and Neville. While Rose could use the rub to be part of this team, Neville doesn't make much sense as he has been in a rivalries with both Barrett and Sheamus in recent months.

We've seen very little of Rose, so it would be nice for him to get back in the thick of things in a big match.

Lana Rusev Russia

Rusev may be back just in time for the team up, but another who may be back is his bride to be, Lana. WWE has already made it well known that Rusev and Lana are engaged, as the news broke online a few weeks back and WWE had no choice but to stay on top of things by talking about it publicly after it made TMZ.

Summer Rae has been paired with Tyler Breeze, so it is unlikely WWE will put her back with Rusev. The new stable could use a proper manager and Lana could fit this role well if WWE decided that it made sense to turn her heel yet again. She might believe it is in the best interest of Rusev to be the monster he once was. Without Lana, Rusev was kind of a joke as a competitor. He was nothing like the wrecking ball we saw coming in. He cannot become stagnant, therefore putting the two together would be best for business.

On top of it all, Lana is the perfect mouthpiece for a threatening new group within WWE. It allows all four people to have a good bit of television time and they will be used well. If WWE does end up removing Rusev from this, keeping him with Lana and seeing where things go would still be for the best. He is good in the ring and with his mouthpiece being Lana, he won't have to worry about talking and can focus on being the in-ring monster we know he can be. WWE has been planning on bringing them back together for weeks now anyway, so do not be surprised to see him return with Lana by his side.

[Image via WWE]