WWE News: ‘WWE Survivor Series’ Expected To Feature Two Traditional Elimination Matches

Every single year, WWE Survivor Series tends to always stand out as one of WWE’s more important PPVs. This is where things start and end at times. Team WWF defeated The Alliance, and Team Cena beat The Authority as well as CM Punk’s win to start the longest WWE Championship reign of the last twenty years at this event. The Undertaker made his debut here, and The Rock made his comeback match. Of course, who can forget that Sting made his much anticipated onscreen debut for WWE here. Survivor Series is always must-see, and there is no wrestling fan on the planet who can tell you otherwise.

The problem with WWE this year is that they do have an issue with television ratings due to their lack of story direction, among other things. The thought among many is that they can help create a star or big moment at Survivor Series if they truly put the work in, which could, in turn, help ratings. They then, of course, have to use that star to the fullest extent, or it’s not worth it.

Dolph Ziggler was made at this PPV only to not be used well at all afterward, which made you wonder about the sanity of WWE and why they would even bother giving him such a huge spotlight only to pull him away from shining.

Sting Ziggler
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WWE has a chance once again to help make a star. According to Cageside Seats, WWE is planning on having at least two traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team matches. We know of one currently involving The Wyatts, Undertaker, and Kane. While the remaining two partners will most likely be people such as Dean Ambrose and Cesaro, we can expect to find out more regarding that in the coming weeks.

The second match has not been fully set up, but many believe WWE will be doing a divas match here.

Some believe this might be the chance for WWE to have a Four Horsewomen appearance where WWE can pair up Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley. The problem with the entire scenario is that WWE may very well go against this entirely and have Paige vs Charlotte at the event simply because they’d like for the WWE Diva’s Championship to be on the line.

While WWE has yet to set up a match for the title, we very well could be leading to this over the girls being involved in a traditional tag match. The tag match would be the best option for WWE to use at least 10 girls, but the issue would come down to them having enough babyfaces and heels to make it work. For example, having Sasha Banks and Naomi team with Charlotte and Lynch right now just to face Paige and the Bellas would make sense, but also make none at all.

Paige PCB
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Paige, for all her issues with Charlotte and Becky, still hates Nikki and Brie as well as Foxy. So, there would be no sense in her tagging with them. We also know Team B.A.D. won’t team with the Bellas, either.

At the end of the day, it wouldn’t make much sense to do a tag match when all of the girls hate the Bellas, and three simply wouldn’t be enough to do the traditional match and have it all make sense. Unless the team went down to WWE NXT and grabbed Dana Brooke, for instance, but there has been no word on her coming up any time soon.

It is though that if the WWE Divas do not get this slot, WWE will have a random one thrown together that will include a number of rivalries within it. It is uncertain who would be thrown in. As of now, we’re expected to know more about the event within the next few weeks. The secondary elimination tag match could very well be set up by WWE RAW this Monday.

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