Sewing Needles Found In 5 Halloween Twix Candy Bars In Philadelphia Suburb: Parents Warned Again To Check Candy [Video]

It was just Thursday evening, on October 29, when police were warning parents about a razor blade that was found inside a Snickers bar candy, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now on Sunday, November 1, the day after Halloween, authorities are once again warning parents to check their children’s Halloween candy due to needle-type items found inside candy in the Philadelphia area, reports the Associated Press.

Whereas the razor blades discovered in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, were discovered by a child who bit into the candy and noticed something not right, the needle-like objects in the Philadelphia candy were discovered in five different Twix candy bars. In the razor blade incident, a gaggle of kids when out to trick-or-treat and after they returned with their bounty of candy to split it up, it was discovered that a razor blade had been pushed inside at least one of the Snickers bars in an attempt to hide it. Reynoldsburg Police Lt. Shane Mauger said he hadn’t seen anything like that in 19 years of service.

In Kennett Square, a borough in Chester County, Pennsylvania, police warn parents about needles found in Kennett Square Halloween candy, reports 6abc?. Authorities responded to reports of sewing needles being found inside of several children’s Halloween candy, with the first report of needles inside of candy coming in to police around midnight on Sunday.

Whereas the Ohio reports of razor blades involved a blade inside of a Snickers bar, the Pennsylvania report of sewing needles were reported to be found inside Twix candy bars that were still wrapped. Indeed, sewing needles would likely disturb the packaging of candy less that a razor blade would, and perhaps initially be less noticeable. The Twix candy bars with the needles inside of them had been handed out to more than one child – at least four different children, not from the same household. And there were at least five Twix candy bars with the needles inside them.

It was the Stenning Hills area of Kennett Square where the children had garnered the candy, approximately around the area bordered by South Union Street and West South Street. The man who reported the needles found in Twix bars said he saw a post on Facebook that stated someone found needles – not razor blades – in their own Snickers candy. Afterward, the man was prompted by the Facebook post to check his own children’s candy, and that’s when he found the needles in the Twix snack size candy bars.

Then a 12-year-old boy also gave police a Snickers bar that had a sewing needle in it, and he was getting candy around the same area. He turned that candy in about noon on Sunday, November 1, to authorities. At this time, it is not known whether someone intentionally put these objects such as sewing needles in the candy given to kids, or if it happened at a different point prior to the candy being manufactured.

“Anyone with information should contact the Kennett Square Police Department at 610-268-3171 or 610-444-0501. Anyone wishing to provide information anonymously can contact police at 610-444-5580.”

Either way, the needles found in Halloween candy in the Philadelphia suburb have prompted police to urge parents to check any uneaten and leftover candy for signs of tampering, reports ABC News?.

At least the practice of plenty of parents raiding their kids’ Halloween candy stash should help the adults ensure their children’s candy is safe and free from needles and razor blades.

[Image via Twitter/NBC Philadelphia]

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