Razor Blade In Halloween Snickers Candy: 1 Blade Found, More Candy Being Searched — Police Warn To Check Candy After Razor Blade Found In Snickers Candy Bar In Ohio [Video]

It’s sad and horrific to think of someone intentionally placing a razor blade inside of Halloween candy, but that’s exactly what police are warning when a razor blade was found in Halloween candy in Ohio, reports USA Today. As a result, police in Ohio are warning parents or anyone who takes their kids out for Halloween to examine their children’s Halloween candy for razor blades. It was a child who bit into a Snickers bar and felt the razor blade inside. Fortunately, the child wasn’t hurt by biting into the razor blade, but upon feeling something wasn’t right with the razor blade-laden candy, the kid stopped eating it.

The razor blade was placed into candy that was discovered Thursday evening in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, after a group of kids went trick-or-treating. The razor blade was discovered after the children split up the candy, said Reynoldsburg Police Lt. Shane Mauger, who believes the small razor blade was placed there in an attempt to hide the blade inside the candy. By pushing the razor blade in the candy, the person attempted to conceal the razor.

“The child went to bite into the Snickers and it didn’t feel right, so they stopped and noticed an object in it, which appeared to be a disposable razor blade. This is the first time in 19 years that I’ve handled anything like this.”

Though dangerous, the razor blade attempt inside of candy is something Mauger hopes is an isolated case. Nevertheless, parents around the country are being warned to check their kids’ candy for razor blades.

Although razor blades in Halloween candy have been an urban legend for years, Reynoldsburg police say this razor blade found in Halloween candy is no myth, as reported by the Columbus Dispatch. Mauger doesn’t necessarily believe that it was a hoax that a razor blade was reportedly found inside the candy gained from the Reynoldsburg suburb, and authorities urge parents to err on the side of caution by checking all candy for razor blades prior to allowing children to eat any. At the least, the children themselves should examine the candy for razor blades or signs of tampering with razor blades, such as disturbed packaging or anything that appears unusual about their Halloween candy.

In order to get a razor blade inside of a piece of candy, some sort of slit would likely have to be made — even with the reportedly small razor blade reportedly found inside the Snickers bar in question. Even if the candy packaging doesn’t appear to be tampered with, it’s important to still examine the candy by carefully breaking it apart or using some other measure of examination before eating, since razor blades can cause serious lacerations and cuts.

The razor blade found in a Snickers Bar with a blade in Halloween candy, as reported by WOWK, came from the neighborhood of Kingsly Drive and Taylor Road, police have noted. The police have not released the specific details about the house where the candy with the razor blade was discovered, but they have seized all candies from that home since other candy packages looked disturbed. Authorities are testing other candy and Snickers bars for potential razor blades from the seized stash, reports WOWKTV. Reports claim that the parents of the child who bit into the candy with the razor blade noticed something strange with the candy.

While some reports say it was an actual razor blade found — and claim that police have confirmed it was a razor blade in the candy — other reports say authorities called it a “razor blade-type” of object. Not only did one Snickers bar reportedly contain the small razor blade wedged inside, but other candy packages had also appeared to have been tampered with, although it’s unclear if other candy bars contained razor blades as well. It was a disposable razor blade, which was the type of razor blade that doesn’t come with the plastic handle, as reported by ABC6OnYourSide.com.

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