Justin Bieber Impresses On New Single ‘I’ll Show You’ With Skrillex

Justin Bieber’s “I’ll Show You” from his much-anticipated Purpose album is here. It dropped first onto Spotify at midnight’s around the world, then iTunes where it can be accessed after pre-ordering the LP.

Including “Where Are U Now,” this latest track is the third single released off the record. Eons away from the tropical rave-up of “What Do You Mean?” and club-ready “Sorry,” the pop prince is at his most intense yet on this thunderous, synths-laden slow-jam as he pours his heart out on a song that’s clearly personal and honest.

Listen to the song on Spotify:

Justin Bieber fans familiar with the Biebs’ 2013’s Journals may be reminded of the sensuous swirling “All Bad” after hearing “I’ll Show You.”

But, that was then. With EDM alchemist Skrillex at the helm on this, those “super-futuristic” sounds the Biebs previously hinted at are now front and center in high-pitched, rhythmic riffs, atop a deep impact R&B beat that keeps things rolling.

Justin Bieber

After a music video preview on Sunday hours before the release, the Biebs doesn’t disappoint as he real talks “The Fame Game” and gets vulnerable about the pressures of stardom. He also sings his longing for more understanding and less judgement from the world, while stressing he is human and imperfect.

“My life is a movie, and everyone’s watching / So, let’s get to the good part / And past all the nonsense,” Justin sings in the first verse, in a nod to the perpetual scrutiny and lack of privacy he experiences.

Past scandals, and ongoing criticism thrown at the singer — most recently — after his walk-outs from an inane interview and a TV performance over frustrations, and ravenous fans come to mind as he laments, “Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing / When the pressure’s coming down like lightning / It’s like they want me to be perfect / when they don’t even know that I’m hurting.”

In the chorus, Justin bares his pain for all to see. “This life’s not easy / I’m not made out of steel / Don’t forget that I’m human / Don’t forget that I’m real / You act like you know me / But you never will / But there’s one thing that I know for sure / I’ll show you.” Given Bieber’s recent nightmare of being snapped naked by a paparazzo without his knowledge or consent while on vacation, his anguish is apt.

The repeated “I’ll Show You” chorus could be taken as the singer’s defiance at critics, or his vow to reveal his story. Either reading works. “I’ll Show You” packs a powerful emotional punch and may make a lot of Bieber-detractors reassess their views. Surely most realize fame isn’t just premieres and swag?

The depth of the lyrics, quality of the Biebs’ voice, and Skrillex’s outstanding production on their new single look destined to continue the acclaim the singer’s new music is receiving.

In just 11 days, Purpose touches down on November 13. Without question, Bieber’s comeback is shaping up as a tour de force, despite a few bumps. Even if the Canadian doesn’t debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart, it seems a safe bet that his record will trump One Direction’s same day Made In The A.M. release, qualitatively.

During the day, before the single’s release, the Biebs teased what appears to be a stunning music video shot in Iceland, which showed him in a gorgeous landscape, skateboarding, jumping off cliffs, staring at a waterfall, and emoting. He captioned one, “Today. #IllShowYou #PURPOSE” and included the iTunes link to the album.

Post song drop, Justin included the same link in tweets he posted, writing “You get it?” “Honest” and “The truth” in some. So, clearly, he really wants to share his perspective.

Beliebers, who are eagerly awaiting the Rory Kramer-filmed music video, have been trending “I’ll Show You” on Twitter since late Sunday. For Justin Bieber, now coming to the denouement of an astonishing year, he’s just released a great new song that cements his greatest vocal strength: his ability to convey heartfelt emotions.

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