October 23, 2016
Jarrett Jerome Moore Sought After 19-Year-Old Anthony White Shot Dead, 1 Hurt: #WSSU Trends After Winston-Salem State University Shooting

The name Jarrett Jerome Moore is being sought in relation to the shooting death of 19-year-old Anthony White, Jr., a sophomore at WSSU. The Winston-Salem State University shooting left one person dead and one person hurt, reports WTVD-TV‎. On social media, rest-in-peace tributes and prayers for Anthony and his family are flowing into various social media networks.

According to the the WSSU Twitter account, the school was initially placed on lockdown after the shooting. WSSU campus police named Moore as a shooting suspect. On Facebook, the school listed more information about the shooting, the victim, and about forthcoming memorials and candlelit vigils for White. The Winston-Salem State University Facebook page also lists more information about the deadly shooting, but didn't mention Jarrett Jerome by name.
"On Sunday, November 1, 2015,a shooting occurred in Lot W of Main Campus at approximately 1:20 am that involved injuries and a fatality. Anyone with information on the shooting is advised to contact Campus Police at 336-750-2900. The campus community is advised to exercise caution while on campus today, and stay away from the restricted areas on campus. A call center for inquiries regarding this morning's shooting incident has been established: 336-750-2000.
Counseling services for students is set up in Thompson Center Room 304. If you have questions about counseling, call 336-750-2000. Families who want to come on site can come to F.L. Atkins Room 108. If you have questions about coming to campus, call 336-750-2000."
Police are still hunting for Jarrett Jerome, with Moore still being at large, reports the Daily Mail.

Those with information about the deadly shooting of Anthony are being asked to share what they know about the fatality. The shooting occurred in the early morning hours on Sunday, November 1. The WSSU shooting happened at approximately 1:30 a.m. local time.

On Twitter, more information about the WSSU shooting is flowing into the WSSU hashtag for the historically black university. While Anthony was pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting, Jarrett Jerome was being sought in connection with the shooting on the Winston-Salem State University campus. The name of the second WSSU student who was injured in the shooting incident wasn't released to the public, but that WSSU student has reportedly been released from the hospital.

On the Twitter account listed as belonging to Anthony, named "On a mission," @ANT_864, White was listed as a WSSU Information Technology Major. One of Anthony's most recent posts prophetically lists that everything happens for a reason. Another seemingly telling and prophetic Twitter tweet of sorts involved Anthony writing that a lot of people doubted him, and that he knew it was "killing them" to see White in college when those doubtful folks said Anthony would be in jail instead of college.

Anthony White's Twitter prophecy

"Mission is never complete," wrote Anthony on October 30, just about 24 hours or so prior to his untimely death.

WSSU asked for the public's help in finding Jarrett Jerome, and more information about Moore is coming to the forefront. While it is not known if Jarrett Jerome was enrolled as a WSSU student at the time of the shooting, it is believed that Moore is not a student, as reported by WFMY-TV. It also isn't known yet if Jarrett Jerome knew Anthony, or what precipitated the shooting that left the 19-year-old dead.

Although authorities haven't yet said that Moore was the definite shooter who shot Anthony to death, cops are calling Jarrett Jerome a person of interest in the shooting incident. Public record shows that Moore was charged with disorderly conduct in August in Charlotte.

Meanwhile, the fatal shooting somehow involving Jarrett Jerome happened during WSSU's Homecoming weekend. As a result of the deadly shooting, the WSSU campus was placed on lockdown on Sunday for approximately three and one half hours.

[Images via Twitter / Anthony White, Jr.]