Texas Flood Victim Gives Strange Interview To News Anchors While Clinging To A Tree [Video]

A Texas flood victim, Kerry Packer, gave a bizarre interview that left news anchors visibly shocked. The man was driving his vehicle during extreme flooding when he was swept off the road. However, instead of panicking, Packer says he used his Boy Scout training to scale a tree. He then waited for hours as emergency responders attempted to make a rescue. However, it wasn’t his quick-thinking or survival ability that had people talking, it was the oddly calm interview he gave to reporters as he sat in the tree with flood waters raging below.

The Daily Mail reports that Kerry Packer was swept away in flood waters as he attempted to drive in water-covered roads. The Texas man took startling video from his cell phone of the flood waters entering his car and sweeping him down the roadway that looked more like a river in the videos. The videos were then sent to his wife who provided them to the news station. Unbeknownst to the KVUE news station, when they called Kerry for an interview he was still stuck in a tree attempting to save himself from the flood below.

Kerry Parker
The moment that reporters realize that Kerry Parker is still stuck in a tree as flood waters rage below him. (Image via KVUE screenshot)

The news anchors initially believed they are talking to Kerry and his wife Cecilia. However, the quickly learned it is just Kerry that was trapped in the water. They spoke of the incident in past-tense and asked Kerry exactly how the incident had played out. As the conversation continued, Kerry explained that he was still in the tree about 20-feet up. The stunned news anchors sat momentarily in silence with a look of disbelief before questioning Kerry about his whereabouts.

“Kerry, wait. You’re still in the tree?”

Kerry informed the reporting duo that he was, in fact, still in the tree and could only see water around him for miles. The reporters, obviously concerned for Parker’s safety, asked if he was doing okay and still had energy as he had been in the tree for some time. The flood victim informed them that he had been a Boy Scout for 20 years and knew how to survive in those types of conditions.

“Ah, I’m fine. Thankfully there’s a nice little tree here, and um…it’s a little cold but I did Boy Scouts for 20 years and so I know how to keep my energy up and keep warm, so, I’m doing fine.”

Kerry Parker
Image taken inside of Kerry Parker's vehicle shows water beginning to enter the car. (Image via Youtube/ KVUE)

The reporters got the details of Kerry Parker’s issue and asked for his specific location. The pair asked if he could see his car, but Kerry informed them it had submerged in the water some time ago. The reporters then informed the stranded man that they had reported his situation to emergency crews and would do their best to get someone there to help him. Parker remained bizarrely calm during the whole ordeal and remained in the tree for four hours before teams could make it to his location and remove him from the tree.

Kerry Parker interview
The view outside of Kerry Parker's vehicle as flood waters began overtaking his car. (Image via Youtube/ KVUE screenshot)

The KVUE crew later updated viewers that Kerry Parker had successfully been rescued from the tree and provided images of the dramatic save. They were also informed that the Texas flood victim was doing fine following the harrowing ordeal.

Sadly, not all Texas flood victims made it out like Kerry. At least five people were confirmed dead in the recent Texas flooding.

[Image via Youtube/KVUE screenshot]