November 1, 2015
'Arrow'/'Constantine' Crossover — Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) Calls On John Constantine (Matt Ryan) In Season 4, Episode 5

A number of new photos for the latest episode of Arrow have officially been released. Along with revealing that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will be running as Mayor of Star City, the images also offer a first look at Constantine's (Matt Ryan) crossover into the hit series.

The images, which can be seen on Comic Book, include a number of shots of Constantine interacting with Oliver and Sara (Caity Lotz). According to the official synopsis for the upcoming episode, Oliver calls on Constantine for help in all things mystical after Sara's situation worsens.

Sara was recently resurrected through the use of the Lazarus Pit, but her troubles did not end with her second chance at life. Instead, the character's mind and soul failed to be brought back with her body. This is where Constantine comes into the picture. With his help, it is hoped that Sara will be made whole once again.

John Constantine and The Green Arrow on Arrow. [Image via The CW]
John Constantine and The Green Arrow on Arrow. [Image via The CW]According to Crave Online, Constantine's involvement in Arrow comes after NBC decided to end the characters' show mid-season. Luckily, producers at The CW felt a need to keep his storyline going for at least a little while longer. Hopefully, Constantine's cameo in the upcoming episode won't be his last, as many fans still feel strongly that his series should be revived.

That being said, this may very well be the last time Constantine makes an appearance on TV, especially if another network fails to pick up the series.

Meanwhile, another exciting development in the next episode of Arrow centers on Oliver's run as Mayor. According to KSiteTV, Amell recently discussed the forthcoming episode and his character's decision to try a turn at politics.

"There's a photo that exists for the episode where we see him behind a podium," Amell stated. "It's actually very atypical for our show to announce something in an episode and then just sort of leave it dormant for an episode, which we did this week, because so many other things were going on, but it has been something that I've very much enjoyed."

Stephen Amell stars as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow. [Image via The CW]
Stephen Amell stars as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow. [Image via The CW]At the same time, Amell also revealed that there are going to be three storylines for fans to follow involving his character in the new season. While he didn't reveal what the third storyline would be, he does admit that he likes how Oliver is branching out into new things.

"There are two aspects of Oliver's character this year — actually, probably, three — I mean, he's a different type of person out in the field," the actor explained. "He's a different type of person in the political arena. And then there's the third storyline that we're going to explore in the first third of the year, that's also different. Being almost 80 episodes into a show, it's exciting to play different things."

As Oliver enters the drama-filled world of Star City politics, it is unclear what the rest of the characters will think of this latest development. With that in mind, how will his team react to the news that he wants to become Mayor? Apparently, they don't take the news very well.

"They're slightly incredulous," Amell stated in the interview. "Everyone has their various reactions, and once the team figures this out, Oliver actually says 'I've gotta talk to Lance,' to which Laurel responds – not to give too much away – 'uhhh, maybe don't bring that up with him.' I'm just like, 'well, we need the SCPD.' So, it's an Oliver Queen that has to work with people, and it's exciting."

The highly-anticipated crossover episode of Arrow and Constantine, "Haunted," is set to air November 4 on The CW.

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[Image via The CW]