Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Continues Her Media Campaign Against Donald Trump

At one time, many thought Megyn Kelly was an objective reporter, but Donald Trump must have pushed her over the edge. Almost every single night on her show, Megyn Kelly slams Donald Trump or at least brings someone else on to do it. Kelly insists that she has no agenda, but many people believe otherwise.

This week, Kelly scolded CNBC moderator Becky Quick for letting Donald Trump get away with what she thought was a false immigration complaint. The Wrap has the news.

“‘This is why u never ask a Q like this w/o having your source material at the ready,’ Kelly tweeted during the GOP debate after Quick seemed to succumb to Trump’s claim that he never criticized Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s call for more H-1B visa for foreign workers to work at tech companies.”

Donald Trump Megyn Kelly Donald Trump is being criticized by Megyn Kelly on a nightly basis and Kelly’s viewers are angry. [Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]The article adds that Quick tried to get Trump to take ownership of the fact that he did make those comments, but she couldn’t answer where she read that he made them. This made the moderator look bad and Trump look good. Kelly made sure her viewers knew that. On Wednesday evening, Kelly also made sure to let her viewers know that Ben Carson is the “most likable” candidate.

“And Dr. Ben Carson who is second to Trump in the average of polls, those that asked who Republicans would vote for, takes the number one spot easily when it comes to likability. Head and shoulders above his next competitor, Senator Marco Rubio and a mile ahead of Donald Trump. That is just the latest in the series of polls that had Dr. Carson ahead of Trump. A change that has Trump telling voters to take action.”

Megyn Kelly then had Fox News Correspondent Carl Cameron speak about Trump’s alleged decline and his anger at CNBC.

“This is clearly an illustration of his frustration of having been knocked out of first place in Iowa by Ben Carson. And in the New York Times with the CBS poll this week now trailing Carson in the national poll. That poll shows that Ben Carson support is in-large measure from evangelical Christians in Iowa and across the country,” Cameron indicated.

Megyn Kelly’s viewers are not too happy.


Though many feel Megyn Kelly and her “guests” have an agenda against Trump, it can’t be argued that Dr. Ben Carson is gaining ground. CNN has the news to back this up.

“For the first time in months, a national poll shows Donald Trump is not leading the Republican 2016 primary race, and instead has Ben Carson in first place.”

Ben Carson President Dr. Ben Carson is beating Donald Trump in some national polls as he is appealing to the hard Christian right. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]CNN adds that Carson has the support of 26 percent of Republican primary voters, compared to 22 percent who are backing Trump. There is, of course, a margin of error in the poll. However, Carson’s rise cannot be denied. Like Donald Trump, Carson is appealing to his voter base by not backing down or apologizing for things. Carson has been known to use extreme metaphors, such as using the Holocaust to talk about gun control or comparing abortion to slavery. However, one cannot expect Donald Trump to back down anytime soon.

[Feature photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]